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A quick guide to install the best Alien Isolation mods! Click to know more about these mods!

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Most of the gamers love Alien: Isolation, and replay it most of the time. They replay primarily to revisit those unique retro-futuristic setting. It’s quite a challenging game, but now there’s a way to mod out the alien and explore the environments. The modified file created by Steam user “Thark” changes the alien’s behaviour so that it doesn’t chase you. Hence, it leaves you free to explore Sevastopol at your comfort. It’ll still be there in the world but will never come out from the vents where it loves to hide. As the androids and humans can even kill you; hence, it’s not entirely safe. But, it would help if you didn’t worry as we have a handful of files on Mod DB. This mod doesn’t make any majorly changes in the game plays but creates enough small tweaks which could add some variety to a second playthrough of the game.

Life Savers

This mod (Lifesavers) manages most of the game’s tools and weapons. Hence, the mods make them more effective against the alien. The stun baton present will stun the alien briefly, or even scare it away.  Even the smoke bombs do a perfect job of obscuring your movements.

Lighting effects

Most of the gamers are quite irked due to disgusting graphics which looks like a lens flare, precisely in the middle of the screen. This flare occurs when you try to look into some light or while using a burst. Well, you can try using some cheap DIY file available on the internet, such as removing the file LENS_FLARE_CONFIG.BIN from the Install Dir\Alien Isolation\DATA folder. However, if you remove this file, it will end up in deleting all the beautiful lighting effect removal from the Alien Isolation game.   Such as the sun next to that gas giant outside the window has no shine and no corona anymore, and every other light source looks boring and sterile.
But, now, finally, the solution is present.  You can install the “Lens_Flare_config.bin” with Notepad++ and reload the game several dozen times.

Silent Movement

The current mod is another mod designed to make the game more convenient. This time the mod makes your footsteps completely silent, which means you can move around Sevastopol and never alert the alien or other enemies. So as long as you can stay out of their line of sight, it would be great and would help you combat or dodge them.

For more updates, stay tuned.

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