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Unleash your guardian’s true potential with the best Destiny 2 armor mods! Click to know more about these mods!

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After playing Destiny 2 for several years, many of us possess a pretty substantial collection of armour. But, now it’s about time, you should dive deep into the mods scene. Finding out which type of armour mod will suit your playstyle depends on you. Following the Destiny 2 armour 2.0 update available with Shadowkeep in 2019, mods got an overhaul, and stats-based Guardian protection reverted magnificently. This guide covers each and everything, from where to get Destiny 2 armour mods, their working, and the armour sets with which they are compatible.

Working of mods

The mods offer several bonuses such as increased reload speed, better statistics, shield against specific enemies. Additionally, there are season-specific mods which can change your grenades’ operation or add an extra over shield to your character. Mods also possess an energy cost starting from one to six, which depends on their power and application.

Mods also have several energy types and will only work with specific types of armour. This mod depicts that your chosen armour must match with the energy type of the mod. Additionally, it must have enough energy to power the mod. However, regardless of the kind of armour, all legendaries possess three mod slots: one universal slot and two armour-specific mods (Arms, Legs, Helmet, Chest, and Class Item). Then there are specific armour sets with a fourth seasonal or activity-based slot, like the Dreambane armour set that has a place for an Undying Armor mod.

Best Armor Mods

These are a mix of both the original Destiny as well as its sequel and consists of the value 1- 100. Every 10 points then provide you with a stat boost. Example, a mobility value of 30 enhances your Guardian’s movement by 13%, whereas 40 has 16%. These values are as follows:

  • Resilience – “Enhances the amount of damage you can take before dying.”
  • Mobility – “Increases the movement speed and maximum jump height.”
  • Discipline – “Increases the cooldown time of the grenades, allowing you to use them more often.”
  • Recovery – “Enhances the speed at which you regain lost health.”
  • Strength – “Reduces the cooldown time of your melee ability, allowing you to use it more often.”
  • Intellect – “Decreases the cooldown time of your Super ability, allowing you to use it more often”.

Each mod has its value, the more you upgrade your armour, the better points you will earn. For example, if your armour is in level six, then you will have a budget of six points to spend.

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