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“Minecraft” 1.12 Best Mods!! Click to know the Release Date, Gameplay, Latest updates and more!

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Minecraft is a sandbox video game. Mojang Studios is the developer of the game and Markus Notch person created the game in the Java programming language.  It is one of the greatest and most influential video game of all times.


The game grossed over 200 million copies sold and 126 million monthly active users as of the year 2020. It is also in the world video game hall of fame in 2020. The game also won many prestigious awards for its gameplay and the character design. Microsoft purchased the intellectual property of the game for $2.5 billion.


Minecraft: Release date

The game initially aired as a public alpha for personal computers in 2009. In November 2011, the game got officially released. The game got its further developments from Jens Bergensten.


The game is one among the most downloaded games. It is also a part of many educational environments, and Social media has a massive role in promoting the game. Game lovers are still celebrating the game starting from the first day of its release.

Many spin-off games were also create following Minecraft.


Minecraft: Characters

There are no much characters in the game. The game follows the main protagonist and his travel around the village. Steve, the male human nature of the game has its default skin tone.


Female human character is also available in update 1.8. The other names of the game include Herobrine, Alex, Enderman, Blaze, Skeleton, wither, Ender Dragon, Zombie, Ghast.



Minecraft: Gameplay

The game has no specific goals to achieve as it is a sandbox game but has an achievement section. It provides more freedom for the players to play the game.


By default, the game starts in the first-person perspective. Third-person perspective gameplay is also available for the players. The games are of 3D objects, mostly of cubes and fluids. The players have a restriction in the distance travelled. The player can cross only 20,000,000 blocks from the centre.

The players have an option of choosing one of the five-game mods while starting a new world. Customization of the skin tone of the characters is also available for the players from the 2010 update.


Minecraft: 1.12 Mods

The developers of the game never failed to update the Mods of the game. Minecraft is one among the few games that have a fantastic set of Mods.


The best Mods of 1.12 are

  • The Aether 2
  • Millenaire
  • Furniture Mod
  • Lazyminers
  • Roguelike Dungeons
  • Sync
  • Hunting Dimension
  • Carry on
  • Sushi


The Aether 2

This Mod provides the player with a different world and offers massive otherworld dimension. You can activate the Mod with the bucket of water and click on the fire pit to exit.


Furniture Mod

This Mod helps the players to decorate their home by providing around 30 or more furniture for the players. It includes a chair, cabinet, curtains, lamps, couches and also kitchen utilities.


Hunting Dimensions

This Mod makes hunting easier. It usually works on nights to make the farming and hunting process easier for the players. But once you enter the Mod, you have to be ready for the enemies from all sides.


Minecraft: Trailer



Stay tuned for more updates!


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