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“Minecraft 1.12 mods”: Here are some of the most amazing Minecraft mods!

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There are a lot of great Minecraft mods out there which we have talked about in the past. The community for the game has worked hard on them, and a lot of them are beneficial. Some of the mods even add more content for the players to enjoy. Fans of the game enjoy it too because there’s not a lot to do once you have played Minecraft for a long time. When we talk of single-player, the calm expanses of the game can get a little repetitive after a while. As a result, we have listed the best mods for the game again. Here are the mods you need to have.

WAILA: “Minecraft 1.12 mods.”

WAILA stands for ‘What am I looking at?’. Ever look at a mod in Minecraft and think “I wonder which one this is.”? Then, this mod can help you solve that problem. WAILA allows the players to access information about any mod in the game, All you have to do is point your crosshairs towards one for the info to pop up on your screen. The mod is beneficial when you’re playing with a lot of mods installed. You need NEI to run it and can get the mod here.

Big Reactors: “Minecraft 1.12 mods.”

Mods like Big Reactors genuinely showcase the talent that the modding communities have. It is one of those projects which will impress you right away. This mod introduces modern technology to the primitive world of Minecraft. However, the Big Reactors mod doesn’t operate as a stand-alone piece. It helps the player deal with the power for all the other industrial mods they may have installed. It works with mods like Caterpillar and ComputerCraft very well. You build massive nuclear reactors which you can regulate from the ComputerCraft mod. One of the most fantastic stimulation mods; get the mod from here.

Blood Magic: “Minecraft 1.12 mods.”

Since it is primarily a game for kids, Minecraft stays away from blood and gore. All of the content in the game is essentially child friendly and cute. However, there are a lot of players who are older than 13 and don’t mind blood in games. If you like the edgy gore of a hack-n-slash game, then this mod is for you. Blood Magic introduces blood effects to the game and adds new mechanics to it. You can now harvest the mob’s blood and use it to craft dark, powerful weapons. We know, very edgy and very entertaining. You can find this mod here.

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