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“Minecraft 1.12 mods”: Check out these amazing Minecraft mods which make the original game look boring!

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Minecraft mods are right up there with XCOM or even Skyrim mods in terms of variety. You can have everything from crafting mods to texture packs, all the way to whole new worlds. Whether it is expanding the map or making the game comfortable, the game has mods for almost all of it. We have talked about these mods in past articles where we included mods like Biomes O’ Plenty and The Twilight Forest. However, these weren’t the only mods for the game. We made another list of mods, and we recommend checking these out as well.

Not Enough Items: “Minecraft 1.12 mods.”

A lot of times when we are playing Minecraft, we find out we want to craft an item. However, if it’s a unique item, then we might not remember the recipe for it. It becomes very annoying to have to minimise the game or use your phone to look it up. As a result, the modding community made this mod. Applying this will make your game very user-friendly as all recipes appear on the screen. The way this works is that the recipe appears in a simple inventory system that the modder created. It is an incredibly useful mod for when you are playing the game and don’t want to remember recipes. Get the mod here.

Bibliocraft: “Minecraft 1.12 mods.”

A significant portion of the Minecraft mods focuses on the aesthetic of building in the game. Many players choose to play the game solely to create beautiful and creative buildings. Seeing how it’s such a popular trend, the modding community has made several mods to serve this purpose. One of them is Bibliocraft. This mod provides aesthetic blocks to the player with which they can do better detailing. Build shelves, display cases, and even a printing press with this mod!

Draconic Evolution: “Minecraft 1.12 mods.”

If you’re a veteran player in Minecraft or have reached higher levels in the game, then this mod is for you. Draconic Evolution will add a lot of new weapons and armour to your inventory. On top of that, the mod also has its energy system and works uniquely. It also offers weather manipulation, a chest with crafting facilities, and a teleporter. There’s also a mob spawner which you can use for increasing difficulty. It is for players who face no problem in the survival mode. You can get the mod here.

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