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“Best Minecraft mods”: Check out these incredible mods for Minecraft that will make the game even more fun!

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In our last article, we told you about some mods available for Minecraft 1.12 version. These mods helped to make the game easier for the player or added new areas to the game. While it is fun to play the original sandbox of the game, adding more is always fun. Similarly, even though Minecraft mostly targets children, it can be challenging at times. Since these mods prove to be very helpful to the players, a lot of them wish to have a list of good ones. As a result, we have made a continuation to the last article with more amazing mods to help you spend a great time playing the videogame.

Optifine & Fastcraft: “Best Minecraft mods.”

Here are two mods to help people on both sides of the coin. There are a lot of gamers out there who don’t have a PC with high-end specs. As a result, they often compromise on frame rate and resolution when playing games. Fastcraft will let you run Minecraft if you have such a PC, and give high performance too. Alternatively, some have ultra-high-end specs on their setup. Optifine will make the game look amazing by increasing the graphic quality and installing better textures.

The Twilight Forest: “Best Minecraft mods.”

Here’s a mod that will add to the mysterious landscape of Minecraft. We talked about the Biomes mod that adds about 80 new biomes to the map. The Twilight Forest will add a portal to a new realm in the game, which sounds exciting as it is. In this realm, the player finds an area which is completely covered in forest land and has lower lighting. There will be new mobs for you to face and new enemy types as well. Navigate through an utterly unseen area in Minecraft and have a spooky time. Get the mod here.

Caterpillar: “Best Minecraft mod.”

Minecraft has a lot of digging that a player must perform. As a novice, that’s one of the significant tasks for a player to do every time they play the game. It doesn’t seem to be a big hassle since it’s what you need to do for survival. However, once the player gets further into the game, they tend to find digging to be tedious. Fortunately, the Caterpillar mod lets you build a drill machine which does the job of digging automatically. It is upgradable and allows you to focus on the other, more fun tasks such as upgrading your base and killing mobs during exploration.

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