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“World of Warcraft mods”: Check out these amazing add-ons for WoW in 2020 that will blow you away!

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World of Warcraft (WoW) is one of the most famous RPG games in existence. The game gives direct competition to the likes of DotA and Final Fantasy. For years, players have enjoyed the videogame and the thrill it offers to newcomers and veterans alike. However, the game is ancient when we talk about it in 2020. As a result, there’s a large percentage of players who tend to search for mods for the game. Mods make any game better, and in a game like WoW, there are endless possibilities. Therefore, here are some of the best add-ons you can grab for WoW in 2020.

Deadly Boss mod: “World of Warcraft mods.”

A lot of players who are new to the game will find it to be significantly challenging in boss battles. You have to learn the boss’ moves and remember every attack window. Soon, a novice might feel disheartened because of the difficulty. Fortunately, this is one of the significant mods you can install for WoW. It facilitates your boss battles by camera prompts and alerts before enemy attacks. This way, the fight becomes approachable, and the player doesn’t have to learn the move-set. If you’re struggling with a boss, get this mod here.

Dynamic Cam: “World of Warcraft mods.”

Like most MMORPGs, WoW has an overhead camera angle for the entire game. You control your units or the character by clicking on them and using commands. However, the developers added dynamic level scaling to the game in a patch and this mod used the feature very well. Through the Dynamic Cam mod, a player can turn the game’s camera to a third-person view. The best thing about it is that due to the dynamic scaling, the world scales perfectly in this view. So, it doesn’t feel like an awkward transition of cameras. Try out this mod today!

Azeroth Auto Pilot: “World of Warcraft mods.”

Once you have levelled up Azeroth to level 120, it feels like a tedious ordeal to level up another character. Long quests and NPC dialogue that you have already gone through is unappealing to a lot of players. To help you out, here’s a mod that does it for you. The AutoPilot mod adds an arrow to navigate you towards the relevant side-quests. It also deals with the necessary NPC interaction and then interacts with the required items itself. In summary, it does your job for you and helps out the grind. Check out the mod right here.

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