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Looking for Divinity: Original Sin II mods? You are at the right place, use these mods to enhance your gaming experience!

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Developed and Published by Larian Studios, Divinity: Original Sin II is a role-playing a video game which initially released on September 14, 2017. Now, the video game is available on platforms like Playstation 4, Microsoft Windows, macOS, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The game has two modes – Singleplayer and multiplayer. 

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It is already a successful game, but it doesn’t mean it won’t have any mods. This video game has thousands of mod which make Divinity: Original Sin II more classy and attractive. 

We have compiled the best and popular mods for you! 

To Install Divinity: Original Sin II mods 

It is way too easy to install mods for the video game. If you have the game on Steam, then you can get the mods from the Steam Workshop from the game’s page in your library. Whichever mod you want, click ‘Subscribe’ on that particular mod. 

If the mod you want to install is not available on Steam workshop, then you can get that mod from Nexus mods. Download the one you want and extract them using a ZIP or RAR extraction tool. Then, drag the ‘Data’ folder to the right folder. 

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Best Divinity: Original Sin II mods 

There are thousands of mods available for this game. To not make you confuse, we have piled up the best mods for you. Check them out: 


  • Look Fabulous: The disadvantage of this video game is that the character creator doesn’t have a massive amount of options. However, this mods makes it happen. It adds an enormous selection of new hairstyles, masks, faces and accessories to customise your look and let you become more distinctive character. 


  • Crafting Overhaul: This mod has 1500 new crafting recipes, more than 500 new items; such as weapons, armour and accessories. Also, it has the power to craft moveable objects. 


  • Hybrid Skills Expanded: In this mod, when you combine two books, it will get you a new spell. It adds nearly 40 new skills which are the result of previously unworkable book combinations. 


  • Infinite Spirit Vision: This mod lets you strike conversations with ghosts and spirits and opens new ways to solve quests. With this mod, you can even see ghosts which are farther away from you. 


  • Artificer and Bard Skills: With this mod, you can add up to 50 new skills to the game. Either you can mix and match the skills with others in the game or use them to create Artificer and Bard characters. 

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