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Donald Trump in Trouble After Train Looks Close to Full Derailment! Click to find out more.

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.There have been many weeks when the Trump train has looked like it’s going to jump the tracks. In the seven days since Republican convention, President has come as close as he ever to a full derailment. The outrages, conspiracy theories, and drama have come very fast. It’s almost impossible to believe Donald Trump can keep this up for another eight weeks until Election Day.

Democratic nominee Joe Biden begins to travel and to offer an alternative vision of sober presidential-style leadership. Events of the last few days have clarified the personality clash and issues that will decide the race.

Donald Trump in trouble.

The studies and the conspiracy theories and controversies have come up in a way that trump can’t keep this up until another eight weeks. A lot I have been going in now President Donald Trump’s life, mostly it is due to the elections. However, Democratic challenger Joe Biden begins to travel and to offer an alternative vision of sober presidential-style leadership.

Trump is continuously being in controversy for doing or saying something or the other for the elections. Even the President of the White house thought that he went too far for asking the people of North Carolina to vote him twice. However, the recent polls conducted to check who has more supporters Joe or Trump, Trump seemed to lose all the polls.

Trump also visited other cities like Kenosha, Carolina, and New York. Kenosha was the latest US city that he visited. After his visit, there was already a racial tension due to the recent tragedy, when a black man protesting against black lives matter was murdered by the police. Trump didn’t bring any kind of reconciliation for the event.

Trump’s constantly disruptive behavior and refusal to play the role of a traditional president horrify Beltway elites. It’s exactly what makes him attractive to supporters who long ago soured on conventional politicians. The more he trolls the media, the more his base and his conservative media cheerleaders love it. The question is whether a President who looked every day for four years like he’s waging an endless GOP primary campaign. Can he secure a path to victory without broadening his base?

Biden behaves like a shadow president

While the storm was raging at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Biden has been doing his best to offer Americans a more traditional brand of presidential leadership. He delivered a speech in Pittsburgh on Monday condemning violence in all its forms. “Rioting is not protesting, looting is not protesting,” Biden declared while making a strident call for racial justice. He also offered condolences for the death of one of the President’s supporters in unrest in Portland, Oregon. He held a presidential-style forum on the “national emergency” in schools and colleges as a new academic year starts, stunted by Covid-19.

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