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“Stardew Valley mods”: Check out these incredible mods in Stardew Valley that will blow your mind!

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In our last article, we talked about some of the re-texturing mods for Stardew Valley. Most of them were concerned with improving the game aesthetics and look for a better visual experience. However, there are a lot of other mods that you might be unaware of and haven’t tried yet. While there’s not a radical redesign of the game available, these mods offer enough variety to pique your interest. However, you should remember that all of the mods for Stardew Valley require a content patcher or some type of API to work. Get that here and check out these awesome mods for the game!

Modern Gothic Interior: “Stardew Valley mods.”

We all know that te cottagecore aesthetic of Stardew Valley works just as well as Goth influences. The game in itself is very close to Victorian Gothic sensibilities. Plus, there are a lot of players who want to see a re-texture of the game to a more gothic tilt. While it doesn’t re-texture the entire game, this mod changes the furniture and decor of your house. All the vanilla aesthetics of the interior turns to a dark and cold gothic design which looks very pretty. Get Modern Gothic Interior here.

DCBurger’s Portrait mod: “Stardew Valley mods.”

Now, here’s a mod with some semblance of variety in it. While most of the community focuses on changing the look of the game, DCBurger made a mod for the characters. With this mod, the portrait of the characters turns to a sharper version of themselves. The art style in Stardew Valley is uniform and pixelated throughout the game. However, DCBurger’s mod gives these portraits a more defined look with specific facial features. It allows the players to connect to otherwise 2-D shapes on their screens. We highly recommend getting this mod to have a better experience.

Coii’s Hair Sets Pack: “Stardew Valley mods.”

While Stardew gives tough competition to Animal Crossing, the amount of customisation available in AC blows Stardew out of the water. For a long time, players have wished to change hairstyles for their character. It doesn’t make much sense why the developers didn’t include it in the game anyway. However, the modding community has a fix for all of these issues. Coii’s Hair Sets mod provides various hairstyles to choose from and works very well. Give your farmer braids or ponytails and more! You can find this fantastic mod here.

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