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“Stardew Valley mods”: Here are some of the best Stardew Valley mods that you can install today!

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We all know about the competition between Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing. Even though most of the fans argue about their favourite being superior, it’s all in good fun. While Animal Crossing offers players a cute 3-D experience, Stardew Valley sticks with its cottagecore, pixel art. One of the main reasons for the vast following behind Stadew is due to its embrace of retro game design. However, the game is still an indie game which means there will be bugs and glitches sometimes. On top of this, indie games support mods, and there are a lot of cool ones for Stardew Valley. Here are the ones you need to try.

Bathhouse Hot Spring: “Stardew Valley mods.”

The Bathhouse which is north to the Pelican Town in the game does not fit its aesthetic. For instance, the exhaust in the Bathhouse constantly whirs an ambient tune which makes the place unappealing. On top of this, it doesn’t look like a nice Bathhouse where you’d want to be. As a result, this mod lets you replace the exhaust sound with the sound of running water. It strives to make the experience as natural as possible. We suggest getting the mod from this link.

No Spouse Rooms: “Stardew Valley mods.”

Often, when a spouse moves in with the player in the game, they add a room to the house. Now, for players who focus on resource management and farming, this isn’t a cause for concern. However, it tends to irk players who play for the aesthetic when the new room completely messes their decor style. A new member of the house can be a disaster for your look. Fortunately, there’s a mod to help you with that. No Spouse Rooms removes the new room that the spouse adds. While it is harsh for them, the mod will save your aesthetic.

Cuter Fatter Cows: “Stardew Valley mods.”

The animals in Stardew Valley are mostly domestic. While the art for the game already gives them a cute appearance, players demand more cuteness. As a result, the modding community set to making a mod that would improve upon the art and textures of the bovines. The result was ‘Cute Fatter Cows’ which provides retextures to the cows. After applying this mod, the cows will have rosy cheeks and plump bodies. By far, one of the funniest and purest mods for the game. Get the mod here.

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