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Twitch to Shut down Karaoke Game ‘Twitch Sings’ on January 1!Click to find Out More.

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Twitch Sings, the streaming platform’s live karaoke game, is shutting down, the company announced. The company says it decided to close down the game effective January 1st, 2021.

“We have made the difficult decision to close Twitch Sings on January 1, 2021.  This community has inspired us with their talent and passion, and we thank you all for what you’ve given to Twitch Sings over the years, wrote the company.

The Company’s Reason To Shut The Game

Twitch will start removing Sings clips in December. In case you’re wondering, all on-demand video content such as Clips, Past Broadcasts, Uploads, and Highlights will be removed as well.  the company plans to keep its user base engaged until the game gets eventually shut down.

The Amazon-owned streaming platform says it’s releasing the entire backlog of 400 new songs.  Fans can step up to the mic for one last swan song before things close down for good. Twitch never grabbed much traction since its launch in 2019 to be in the mainstream.  Twitch Sings merely has 162 thousand followers, as opposed to 3.6 million followers in Twitch’s Music category. It will be interesting to see what Twitch has planned to boost its Music section going forward.

Twitch Sings launched in April 2019, and let streamers choose a song from its library to perform. Singers could belt one out solo or get friends to join for a duet. The channel doesn’t seem to have attracted a huge audience, however; while Twitch’s overall Music category has more than 3 million followers. Twitch Sings accounts for only 161,000 followers. Twitch’s music category has been growing since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. While music remains a small category for Twitch in general, during the month of July, about 17.6 million hours were streamed.

To archive, your past Twitch Sings broadcasts, check out the instructions in Twitch’s videos on-demand section. If you have clips from your channel, you can get more information for managing them there.

Twitch Official Statement

So what happens now?  We are grateful for all the streamers and singers who contributed to the Sings community, making it one of the most inspiring groups within Twitch. Today, we are releasing our entire backlog of over 400 new songs and hope you continue to enjoy Twitch Sings for the next few months.  On December 1, we will begin removing Sings videos and clips per our contractual obligations, and on January 1, the game will stop working.

Looking ahead, we’re excited to share more about the future of music on Twitch and how we’re working to make Twitch the best place to bring you closer to the artists and music you love.


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