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Alive: Cho II-hyung is going to take its viewers into a world of zombies and monsters. Click here to know where to watch

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Alive is a South Korean film which is directed by the renowned filmmaker, Cho II-hyung. South Korea has given the world some excellently crafted movies including Parasite, Okja, Train to Busan and many more. Alive is one of a kind which is grounded on a 2014 script Alone, written by Matt Naylor. The story is quite relevant in this current pandemic situation when the whole world is under quarantine. The people are hardly going out and even the public gathering is now limited.

Alive is going to make people go crazy just like “Train to Busan” directed by Yeon Sang-ho. Both these movies have a similar concept which revolve around the “zombie” outbreak. The story is based on a city in South Korea and shows the life of a gamer played by Yoo Ah-in.

Alive: Arrived on Netflix

Alive which is highly inspired by “Alone” was released in the middle of this pandemic. The movie was first liberated in South Korea itself on 24th June 2020. However, within three months this film got added up to the list of zombie action movies on Netflix. It was finally launched on the OTT platform, Netflix on 8th September 2020.

Netflix already has a bunch of zombie films and this new add up is surely going to tough the competition. Although “Train to Busan” is considered one of the best zombie films till date. But this new release has also come up with some breathtaking, thrilling suspense which will heighten your feelings.

Alive: Experience the cinematic world of zombies

South Korea has always tried to express some in-depth meaning through such films. Just like Parasite and Train to Busan, Alive too has something more to tell to its audience. Although the starting part is based on the day-to-day life of the lead character, Oh Joon-woo. The role is played by Yoo Ah-in who likes spending time streaming and playing video games. Everything was going smooth until one day when the city got affected by a deadly virus. This creepy disease is converting the fellow citizens into flesh-eating monsters.

Oh Joon-woo was seen quarantining from the deadly zombie apocalypse and spending his time quite happily. Soon the situation took a toll and he too started feeling alone until he met with another survivor, Kim Yoo-bin played by Park Shin-hye.

Alive is all set to amaze its audience with all the great cinematic experience. It is going to give a mix feeling to the spectators where one can connect with the happenings.

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