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Vitamin B12: Lack of this Vitamin nutrient can lead to memory loss, dementia; essentially required to add in your daily diet. Click here to know its importance

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Human body is considered as a temple and thus it is very necessary to keep it fit and healthy. Generally people give extra care to their outer beauty and the body gets unnoticed. Researchers have found that physical and mental health should be kept at top level. Along with that each and every individual should try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Recently, studies have revealed the importance of Vitamins mainly B12 in diet.

Vitamins are one of the most essential nutrients for the body. Unlike the other energy components, this component is needed in small amount and is generally found in various dairy products. The vitamins include Vitamin D, E, A, K, B12 and the like. They have specific functions in our body. But the deficiency of Vitamin B12 can lead to mental problems.

Vitamin B12: Why it is important?

Vitamin B12 also known as “Cobalamin” is an essential nutrient which works to provide you with healthy lifestyle. This water-soluble vitamin is not naturally made by our body and thus intake of Vitamin B12 rich food is highly required.

Each and every individual should include this in his or her diet. Otherwise it’s deficiency can lead to many health problems. If your body lacks this Vitamin, it will directly affect the nerves system of your body. Not only this the fighter of our body that is the red blood cells’ production will also deteriorate in the long term.

With the increase in age, the body as well mind naturally become little slow. So, it is very necessary to maintain a balanced diet which provides all the required nutrients to the body. In the aged people, the lacking of Vitamin B12 shows some different mental health issues such as loss of memory. The person may become confuse with time, his or her thinking power might affect and the problem of dementia can occur.

Vitamin B12: Foods and supplements

As this water-soluble vitamin can not be build naturally by our body, therefore food and supplements are the only options. The scientists have revealed that an average adult should take 2.4 micrograms of Vitamin B12 per day.

It is a very bad news for all the vegans out there that the plants are insufficient to produce Vitamin B12. Thus, the consumers have to depend on meat, eggs, poultry, dairy products. The best sources that are high in this nutrient are salmon, trout, beef, eggs and the fortified cereals. If the person is vegetarian then consuming these fortified cereals like breads, grains can increase the level of this nutrient. Otherwise, he or she can also consume daily supplements which can also help to fight with the deficiency.

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