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Beyonce Sharma Jayegi: The grooving number from “Khaali Peeli” is getting mixed reviews from the audience with 5.9 dislikes. Click here to know the Bolly celebs’ hypocrite behavior

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We all know that this is the season of dislikes. YouTube has been the latest medium through which the netizens are directly boycotting the Bollywood content. This has mainly started after Sushant Singh Rajput’s death. The hidden negativity and nepotism factor are rising up with the death and now the viewers are slowly avoiding the nepotism kids. Lastly, Mahesh Bhatt’s direction “Sadak 2” trailer received 1.3 crore dislikes with only 7.2 lakh likes. And the latest addition to this list is the song “Beyonce Sharma Jayegi” from the movie Khaali Peeli.


Maqbool Khan is the director of Khaali Peeli and features the Bollywood star kids, Ananya Panday and Ishaan Khatter. This is the first time, Maqbool is collaborating with theses two kids but it seems worthless. With the latest release of the song number “Beyonce Sharma Jayegi”, the comment section filled with some hate comments. Not only this, the audience directly pressed the dislike button and the number rose to 5.9 lakh in just three days of its release. While currently the video has only 67,000 likes on YouTube.

Beyonce Sharma Jayegi: Racist lyrics

The duo Vishal Shekhar composed this grooving number from the movie Khaali Peeli. This duo has given some amazing hits to this industry but this song’s lyrics is making the netizens embarrassed because of its racist lines. Many have directly criticized these words “tujhe dekh ke goriya, Beyonce sharma jayegi” in the comment section itself. While many took to the Twitter to express their disappointment. This item number has even became the meme material.

The song has directly taunted on the Beyonce’s dark complexion. Beyonce is the American singer who is loved by her fans worldwide. But Bollywood seems to be hypocrite in this matter.

Just when the Black American, George Floyd was tortured by the police, the entire Bollywood revolted against this. Many celebrities started twitting with the hashtag BlackLivesMatter and some even started their campaign. Moreover, in India where the “Fair and Lovely” issue started and thus the name changed to “Glow and Lovely”, some people are now loving this dance number.

Beyonce Sharma Jayegi: Bolly celebs supporting

On one hand, the general public is becoming sensible and they directly boycott the song. Many even said sorry to the American singer, Beyonce and apologized for these racist lines. While on the other side some Bollywood celebs are praising this whole issue.

Ananya’s most favorite, Kareena Kapoor Khan was quick to share her views regarding this song. As soon as the 21 years old actress posted the dance number on her Instagram profile, Kareena Kapoor appreciated her hot look and said “well done”.


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