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Apple out to reignite growth with line updates!! Click to know the updates about the Tech Mogul Company

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Apple is expected to spotlight its smartwatch, iPad, and subscription services on Tuesday. Apple shares that had been soaring have slipped by more than 7 percent this week. The Silicon Valley-based iPhone maker on Friday had a market value of US$1.92 trillion based on the share price. Earlier it had a high record of  US$2.3 trillion.

But Apple remains the most expensive company on Wall Street.  Amazon comes in second with a market value of US$1.56 trillion dollars and Microsoft is third with a value of US$1.54 trillion dollars.

The Apple match used to be teased with a cryptic invitation reading “Time Flies”. The firm has remained mum about what it has in store. It is a long way anticipated to showcase products or companies and products diversified than iPhones being launched for the year-stop hunting season.

It is expected to showcase products or services other than iPhones being launched for the year-end shopping season. That opens the potential for updates of Apple Watch, iPad, MacBook computers, services, and even Apple TV set-top boxes, according to analysts.

A new iPad model could include enhanced augmented reality capabilities. Apple services such as music, news, and television might be offered in an attractively priced subscription bundle, analysts said.

The latest software powering Apple Watch already indicates sleep tracking is coming.

Problems To Be Addressed

“There is competition in the smartwatch space, but Apple is the sales leader by a large margin and there is room for Apple to build on its lead,” said Avi Greengard.
“Apple has admitted they are at least working on monitoring blood sugar with the watch; it would be enormous if they could pull that off.”
Apple Watch also serves as an anchor to the tech giant’s mobile software, since it syncs with the iPhone. Greengart is among those expecting Apple to host a separate event, perhaps in October.

5G networks are touted as promising an exponential leap in the amount and speed of wireless data. Enabling advances in self-driving vehicles, virtual reality connected health, and more as sensors and servers.

“Apple absolutely needs 5G right now,” Greengart said.”Not for the US, but for China where 5G is driving purchase decisions.”
Apple rivals have already introduced 5G models, and China is far ahead of the US when it comes to 5g service.
“5G is happening in China with or without Apple, in fact, more 5G phones than non-5G phones are selling in China,” said analyst Moorhead.

Apple also needs an iPhone tuned for 5G to maintain its premium brand image, analysts added.
New generation 5G networks have also taken shape in South Korea and in parts of Europe.

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