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“Everything is gone”: Hundreds of homes torched in U.S. wildfires. Click here to read it.

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The U.S. is suffering the worst Forest fire ever. A total of 100 forest fire erupted at a single time engulfing nearby landscapes. After having an area almost equivalent to New jersey, under its effect, the flames are now spreading across various adjacent provinces of the U.S. Its strong impact can be sensed from the deteriorating air quality in the states of Washington, Orleans, and California.

Since its eruption in August, the fires have taken a total of 24 lives to date. While some people are gone missing in the areas of Oregon, Jackson Marian, and other lane counties. Several properties are damaged including 3900 structures in 3 prominent west coast states.

The Holocaust

Its wrath on Molalla, a community 25 miles south downtown Portland, was the greatest where people were asked to leave. Flocking people left the town which turned into a ghost town. However, 18 people have refused to move. The firefighters are busy convincing the same.

California being the worst hit where 740000 acres of land got destroyed due to fire and almost 68000 people were evacuated. Other than that, Orleans too is undergoing the same phase where half a million people are kept under alert. All those who were living in the vicinity are advised to leave the place as soon as possible.

Explaining the situation Oregon governor Kate Blown said 40000 people were under mandatory evacuation alerts. Some 50000 were under evacuation advisories of either red “GO” warnings to leave homes immediately, yellow “BE SET” warnings to leave at a moment’s notice, or green “BE READY” alerts she said.


The survivors of the Incident shared their brutal experience. Some of them are so frightened that they kept their eyes closed till they reached the safe location. Among them, children were the most vulnerable. firefighters are doing the best to rescue them all.

It is a very painful moment for the families as they lost everything, they had however they still have life.

Battling the fire

The biggest problem before firefighters is to control the fire and evacuate others. They are taking safety measures and are prepared for the worst. It is estimated that their task will become easier in upcoming weeks due to an increase in atmospheric moisture with a decrease in wind speed resulting in chances of rain.

“Weather is going to be favorable for us,” said Dong Grafe, chief of fire protection in Oregon explaining the same.

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