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Why “Hyderabad” is World’s vaccine capital? How its role in producing vaccine matters to the world. Tap here to read more.

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Undoubtedly, City is the Vaccine capital of the world. Having produced several vital life-saving drugs including drugs like Remdesivir, Hydroxychloroquine, Favipiravir, the city possesses huge potential to manufacture almost one-third of all global vaccines in the world.

City’s Expertise

The City’s prowess and robust technique to manufacture the drug made it the most favorable location in the world. The city is playing a crucial role in manufacturing the undergoing Indigenous COVID 19 vaccine along with SPUTNIK 5, Johnson & Johnson’s Adv.Cov2. S and FluGen’s Coroflu, it became clear if India manufactures the COVID vaccine or some other countries make it. It would always have a Hyderabad connection with it.

The state revenue accounts for 40% of Indian bulk drugs and 50% of world drug exports. Mahima Datla, MD, Biological E limited highlighted the Importance of City in Manufacturing of the COVID 19 vaccine. She said “Hyderabad will be an integral part of the COVID 19 solution just by the dint of the sheer vaccine manufacturing capacity it houses. Mahima’s company has a tie-up with Baylor College of Medicine, Texas, and Johnson & Johnson’s company for the Synthesis of the vaccine.

A Favourable place

The city holds the largest entrepreneurs in the Lifesciences industry because of the Favourable climate and International collaboration. It has become the pharma capital of the world.

Speaking over the same, Datla president of Developing countries Vaccine manufacturer Network stressed that most of the vaccines are prepared in academic laboratories by nonvaccine companies thus they have to choose a place where manufacturing can be conducted easily and on a large scale, for which only two places are most favorable that is India and China.

An Active role During COVID

As the city’s contribution is immense to the world. It has to play an active role in the synthesis of the vaccine at an affordable rate.

Being the vaccine capital of the world, we are fully committed to playing an enabling role in global vaccination efforts against COVID 19 and proactively support our companies to quickly ramp up production to serve the world. Said Jayesh Ranjan, an official of Industries and ITE&C, Telangana.

KT Ramarao on Hyderabad

Prior, On July It minister Kt Ramarao mentioned the state contribution while addressing the 8th convocation of NIPER. He said “We are already manufacturing more than two billion doses of vaccines every year, which is one-third of the global vaccine output. The pharma sector also made significant contributions in the ongoing battle against COVID-19 pandemic.”

“We are also proud that the first indigenously developed COVID-19 vaccine undergoing clinical trials is the result of intense efforts of Bharat Biotech, a Hyderabad based company,” Minister said

Role in Vaccine

One of the first ICMR approved RT-PCR kits in India was from Hyderabad. Since then, many companies have developed PCR kits, rapid test kits, viral transport mediums, reagents, tech-based diagnostics solutions, etc.

“We today have more than 800 life sciences companies. This sector employs more than 1,20,000 pharmaceutical professionals like you,” Rao explained.

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