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Solo Levelling Season 2 :-Will Sung Jin-Woo be able to meet his father? Click to know release date, cast and more!

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“Solo Levelling” is a Korean anime action drama. This show originally is based on a web novel written by “Chu-Gong.” D&C Media published it under the label Papyrus. Web novel attracted the people so much that they demanded its anime series, and the happy news is that they succeeded in it; and season 1 started its production in 2018 and ended recently on 19 March 2020. Soon after these,  fans are waiting for its next season.

“Solo Levelling” Season 2 – Release Date –

No doubt,  “Solo Levelling ” gained a name and fame worldwide and is loved and praised by millions of people around the globe. After the great popularity of its web novel series,  its anime version shook the platform, and it ended recently in March this year. Soon, after its finish of season 1,  fans are crazy to know about its further update, buts. Still, sadly, the corona pandemic, we cannot hear any official announcement about the next season from the starcast. But fans! don’t let your hopes down as gradually corona situations get better; we expect the series to be out in mid or late 2021.

Till then!! Stay connected with us for every latest update !!!

“Solo Levelling” Season 2 – Casts –

Fans are waiting to see their favorite stars back on the screen to entertain them so that they can praise. We expect the main stars of our show, wang Chi Yeul, Park Hee Jin, Jo Byung- Gyu, and Proceed, Joon Hee, to come back in season 2. we also expect to see some new faces in the upcoming season. However, there is no official announcement from the starcast, but we hope to see our favorite stars back as stars put life into the show.

“Solo Levelling” Season 2- Storyplot –

“Solo Levelling”  season 1 hit the audience with great impact, and now fans are curious to know what will happen next. The story of the upcoming season will follow up from where season 1 ended. As at the end of season 1, we saw that “Sung Jin-Woo” succeeded in crossing all the levels of the game and came alive. So, in the upcoming season, we might discover what “Sung Jin-Woo” will do next. We might also see “Sung Jin-Woo’s ” father, which were seen missed in season 1. Will “Sung Jin-Woo” be able to meet his father, who is supposed to be the biggest hunter? We expect to get all these answers in next season.


“Solo Levelling” Season 2 –  Storyline –

“Solo Levelling” is one of the favorite shows among the audience as it is an animated version of a web novel on audience demand. The story is full of demons and hunters. The show succeeded in binding its audience very well. The story revolves around the protagonist, “Sung Jin-Woo.” He is supposed to be the weakest of all hunters being at the rank of “E.” They live in a world full of “Demons” and “Hunters,” and hunters are supposed to kill demons. But his group thinks that “Sung Jin-Woo” does not have any super abilities and is nearly a normal human being. The later story follows up, as the all the hunters get stuck into the deadly game and fights to save their lives, including “Sung Jin-Woo.” as the game proceeds, many of the hunters lost their lives, but somehow, “Sung Jin-Woo” managed to cross all the levels and came out alive, finally crowning him as a great Hunter. This story is full of many twists, turns, and mysteries, which opens up as they play a game and hunts the demons. And the upcoming season holds a lot of more surprises for us. So wait for a while to watch next season.


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