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You Season 3: Joe has set his new target? Will he succeed in wooing her? Click to know more on plot, release date and cast!!

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You, an America psychological thriller series, is binge-worthy. Amidst this pandemic situation, this series will leave you with lots of curiosity. If you haven’t watched it yet, find them on Netflix. This series premiered in 2018. The producer of this series is Warrior Horizon Television. With an amazing star cast and intriguing storyline, this series has attracted many fans. The story is based on a novel by Caroline Kepnes. Season 1 starts with a shopkeeper harboring a toxic, deranged obsession for a customer. At the same time, the sequel depicts Hidden Bodies noel by the same author. This series has a total of 2 seasons with 20 episodes in all.

Official trailer: “You, Season 3.”

The official trailer for the third installment is not available yet. Fans have to wait a little bit more to enjoy this intriguing series. Till then, let’s enjoy the previous season’s trailer for a quick recap.

Storyline: “You”

Season 1 traces the story of an obsessive person who develops dangerous and deranged feelings for an innocent customer. Joe Goldberg, a bookshop owner in Newyork, is a psychotic person. When he meets, Guinevere Beck falls head over heels in love with her. He soon starts developing a deranged and toxic obsession for Beck. And starts staking her on all the social media websites. Thinking his feelings to be normal, he decides to solemnly resolve his love story and eradicate any barrier between them. This season ends on a tragic note, where Joe kills his girlfriend when she tries to escape from him after knowing his reality. He publishes Beck’s journal containing their story but frames her therapist in her murder case.

Season 2 starts with Joe shifting to a new town to restart his life. He moves to Los Angeles with a new identity of Will Bettelheim. Upon reaching Los Angeles, he meets chef Love Quinn, he falls in love with her and starts feeling his old psychotic tendencies. However, this time, he struggles to make his love story a success, unlike the last time. In this season, his lady love seems to share his mindset of killing a person if the situation demands. She ends up killing Candace after the latter lures her to Joe’s basement, where Delilah’s body is kept. Delilah’s actual killer is also revealed, which is none other than Love.

Plot: “You, Season 3”

With season 2’s shocking ending, all the fans are left startled. Season 2 ends with a narration by Joe, who gets back to his old ways when he sees a new neighbor and vows to get his way with the new neighbor. He also describes his love life with Love as a form of Bad Karma. Well, this surely indicates a new engrossing storyline full of thrill, suspense, and drama. However, we need to wait for the season’s release to watch this super thriller series. This sociopath has set his new target. Let’s wait and watch if he succeeds or not?

Release date: ” You, Season 3.”

The third sequel was renewed in January 2020 by Netflix. It is all set to release somewhere in 2021. However, due to the current pandemic situation, everything is uncertain. The official notification was first notified through Twitter.

Cast: “You, Season 3”

Imaging this thriller crime series without its lead protagonists is not possible. So we expect them to return to reprise their roles along with some new faces.

  • Joe Goldberg by Penn Badgley.
  • Love Quinn by Victoria Pedretti.

The other main star casts of the previous season came to an end. The details over the actual star cast are still under wrap. So, we have to wait for the suspense revelation.

For more updates, stay tuned and stay safe!!!

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