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Absentia season 3 : Will Stana Katic will show up as Emily Byrne this time? Click to know release date, cast and more!!

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Want to relish thriller during this boring Lockdown? We have a perfect pick for you. Amazon is all set to stream the third season of popular “Absentia” series on its platform.

As the release is already done. Let’s find out what has happened until now?

Absentia is a popular American crime thriller show created by Gaia Violo and his friend Matt Cirulnick. The story initially focuses on Emily Byrne, an FBI agent by profession mysteriously disappears (kidnapped) while catching a serial killer and declared dead. Her family assumed the same and moved on in their lives. Six years later, she found herself in a wooden cabin with no past memory. The series was a hit. Major thanks to its storyline and suspense which kept the audience glued to their TV screens.

The American series is directed by Oded Ruskin and was first aired on 17 September 2017 on AXN. After seeing the success of season 1, makers decided to renew it for another season. Season 2 was announced in July 2019 and premiered on March 26, 2019. Like its predecessor, it was proved to be a hit too. And gradually, season 3 was announced on July 2, 2019. The 3rd Season has recently hit the streaming platform.

All three seasons have a total of 30 episodes with 10 episodes each season. The show aires on AXN (international, for season 1 and 2) and Amazon Prime ( North America season 1 and 2; worldwide season 3). The series has gained a huge response from the audience. It also enjoys an IMDb rating of 7.3/ 10.

Already released

The third installment has already hit the streaming platform on the 17th of July. The series is now available on Amazon Prime and is currently gaining a lot of praise. Fans are now expecting and demanding SEASON 4.


The old season’s cast is back again to embrace their respective roles.

Stana Katic will show up as Emily Byrne, the protagonist. Patrick Heusinger will proceed as Nick Durand her husband, Patrick McAuley as Flynn their son, Neil Jackson will play as Jack, Natasha Little as Gunnarsen and others.

Trailer: Season 3 “Absentia”

For those who haven’t seen yet here, we have the season 3 trailer for you. The trailer released last year and gained a lot of appreciation. The same response is anticipated from the series too.


In season 2 we saw Emily gaining control over her life again after the traumatic experience of being abducted and tortured for months. Her husband, Nick who is also a special agent assumed her to be dead and decided to marry other women Alice. Her family also assumed the same and moved on in their respective lives.

Season 2 showed how difficult it was for Emily to come on terms with the fact that now her husband and son have a family of their own. Emily went on to investigate her kidnapping case and she discovered that she was used as research material by Doctor Oduwale. She later finds out that she wad abducted by Laurie, her enemy in order to take revenge. Laurie later allowed Doctor Oduwale to perform his research on Emily. Emily further discovered that his son was also supposed to be the doctor’s patient and before she could confirm whether the doctor took Flynn ‘s blood for his research he was found dead.

Emily investigated and find out that someone had helped the doctor in obtaining Flynn’s blood. She took no time in discovering that it was none other than Alice, her ex-husband’s present wife, and Flynn’s stepmother. We later saw that it was Alice who killed Doctor Oduwale in order to keep herself safe and out of the case. When she was confronted by Emily, she smartly confessed his involvement in the doctor’s killing but explained that she killed him because of what he did to Emily.

Season 2 ended with Gunnarsen shooting Alice and Emily revealing her death news to Nick and Flynn.

What’s in season 3?

Season 3 is expected to pick up its story from the last season. Emily was seen serving his last days of suspension from the FBI and trying to be a good mother to Flynn. Until an international criminal case starts threatening her dear ones. Emily took the charge of the case along with her husband Nick. As now, Nick’s life is in danger, how will Emily save him before it gets late?

Watch season 3 to find out all the answers to your questions.

That’s all for now. Hopefully, you are now updated and watch season 3 on Amazon Prime. We will bring you all the latest updates, stay connected.

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