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Have a sneak peek into “Mom to be” Gigi’s new renovated New York apartment. CLICK to know more!

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Gigi Hadid provided her enthusiasts with an extraordinary peek into her dwelling after disclosing that her New York City apartment went through a major makeover right before the quarantine.

The supermodel, who’s expecting her initial child with boyfriend Zayn Malik later this year, circulated a sequence of images of her home on her Instagram handle on Saturday, July 25, interpreting some design and ornamental changes.

Based on the pictures, Hadid went with a miscellaneous melody, complete with varied patterns, textures, and some label Bohemian-inspired chunks. She enhanced it with some art pieces and unique coverings and mats throughout the house, as well as masked her bathroom wall with old issues of The New Yorker.

The 25-year- old model’s modern home makeover could not have arrived at a better time as she’s expected to give origin to her and Malik’s baby girl this September


If we talk about the latest love-nest of the couple, the mom-to-be has assured that her living area is kitted out with a plush nook sofa in a mix of moods and textures – including warm orange corduroy, silver velvet and patterned cushions. The other side of the lounge room has two pairs of skis (mandatory stuff for those living in the middle of an island in New York) and a fraction of artwork is visible. It’s pretty good, but maybe more as an opinion piece and not something that has to strive with 400 varied brilliant glossy patterns.

Visiting her bathroom is a “mind-boggling” job. As an individual who had walls draped in posters as a lad, does this makes any sense?  I know how it perceives to watch a big lizard sliding behind one of those posters and then abruptly you don’t know where that monster is. Furthermore having pinned-up sheet in a bathroom region is going to get damage really quick. One steamy shower in the bathroom and they’re all done for. The existence of a giant pen at the entry gate is still a mystery. Come on, that’s not your study room?

It is still hard to adjust the vision if you are looking into her kitchen. It is just too much! Only the giant chopping board is considerable stuff. Details are way too deep and they just don’t stop here at benches and slabs. Taking her creativity to the next level, Gigi had put plant-dyed pasta in the glass doors of the cupboards. Like seriously? Colour pasta looks good but is toxic to your body (for the chemicals involved in dye) just in case if you don’t know!

Are these beautiful chunk of colourful pasta a forever material? Are they even sealed and tight-packed from inside? What will she do if it catches any fungus or a pantry insect? Well, only time will decide its fate.

The “mom to be” model can peacefully take a nap in her bedroom. Probably, the only place which is not “overdone”. Except for that one wall which is adorned with dyed pasta or something.  Do you see it? Pasta again? I wonder if she is totally obsessed with that Italian cuisine.

I just wish that Gigi’s paradise gets a crisp review from an expert designer. Can we expect this to be an ideal hose renovation? Oh yes, see the colours. You can, however, ignore the baseless stuff.

That’s a wrap for now. For more updates, stay with us. Till then stay home to stay safe.

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