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Kekkai Sensen Season 3: Release Date Confirmed? | Plot | Cast | Trailer | Storyline | SHOCKING NEWS!!!!!

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Kekkai Sensen season 3

Kekkai sensen season 3

Kekkai Sensen season 3 is the most anticipated continuation of the anime series Kekkai Sensen. Like almost all anime, this one is also based on a manga series. Anime series have impressed teenagers and adults across the world. Anime also opens up a world of opportunities for the viewers to witness the grandeur and larger-than-life events. Without any limitations or shortcomings faced by the traditional media, Anime is allowed to explore the world without any restrictions.

Japanese anime, in particular, is well known for its impeccable action sequences which may not even be possible to shoot in the real life. This has captured the minds of anime lovers and got them hooked to the anime series. This is one of the reasons why fans are expecting eagerly the arrival of Kekkai Sensen season 3.

Kekkai Sensen was written and illustrated by Yasuhiro Nightow. He is a popular Japanese manga artist who is famous for his work in the anime Trigun and the video game Gungrave. The Kekkai Sensen manga was first published in June 2008 and the anime adaptation was released in April 2015. The anime was produced by Bones studio who are famous for Soul eater, Ouran High school host club, and two of their adaptations of the Full metal alchemist manga and My hero academia. The English dub of Kekkai Sensen season 3 is the Blood Blockade Battlefront Season 3


A gateway has been opened in the city of New York around three years ago. The gateway connects New York City in the Earth with the ‘Beyond’. ‘Beyond’ is said to be another dimension where evil and monstrous creatures reside. This gateway allowed the monsters, vampires, supersonic monkeys, and extradimensional creatures into the city of New York.  This city was started to be known as the Hellsalem’s Lot. Hellsalem’s Lot becomes a bubble that cannot ever be penetrated.

So, the humans, monsters, and other creatures are forced to live together in the bubble of Hellsalem’s Lot. This weird and dangerous lifestyle has become a daily routine for the residents or lets us say, prisoners of Hellsalem’s lot. Here enters Libra, a secret organization that looks after the Hellsalem’s lot. The members of Libra operate in Hellsalem’s lot and outside it too.

The organization has all types of humans and superhumans as its members. They protect the Hellsalem’s Lot residents and try to provide them a safe and secure life, which is all done secretively. The law-enforcing agency of the Hellsalem’s lot is also in the chase for finding out the members of the Libra. But, in some cases, they work together with Libra for few common causes. So how successful are the members of Libra going to be in preserving the order and fighting the evils? Kekkai Sensen season 3 is yet to answer that question.

Kekkai Sensen season 3


Leonardo Watch:

Leonardo Watch in the English dub or Reonarudo Wocchi in the show Kekkai Sensen is the protagonist of our anime. Leonardo is a young man of 19 years old and is a very kind and humble person. It could also be said that Leonardo, at the beginning of the series, was also a bit of a coward too. He is a photographer and works very hard to support his sister too. One fine day when he visited Hellsalem’s lot to visit his sister, an unknown entity gave him the power of “All-Seeing Eyes of the Gods”. This exemplary ocular power granted to him did come at a cost though. His younger sister lost her eyesight. Leonardo’s visual prowess was sought out by the crime preventing organization Libra and he had joined them as a new member. He does lack the fighting skills like the other members of the organization possess, but with his witty and quick thinking, Leonardo can win over in any situation. Even with such ocular powers, Leonardo never does use them for his own benefits and always stays humble. Will Leonardo unravel the full mystery of his visual power in the Kekkai Sensen season 3? It is yet to be known.

Klaus Von Reinherz:

Klaus Von Reinherz or Kurausu Fon Rainherutsu in Kekkai sensen season 3, is the leader of the organisation Libra. He is also the head of the noble family Reinherz. Klaus appears to be a tall and muscular young man with an underbite. Klaus is a textbook gentleman with a calm and composed nature. He also holds an unshakable will and determination. Klaus is a sincere botanist and fills his office with all varieties of potted plants. He also possesses several impeccable powers and is extremely intelligent.

Zapp Renfro:

Also known as Zappu Renfro in Kekkai Sensen’s season, Zapp is another member of Libra. He is the partner of Leonardo and is a very hot-blooded guy. Zapp is also a womanizer and always puts the organization into trouble with his foolish acts. He is also an extremely good fighter and is the master of the Big Dipper Blood Fighting Style.

Kekkai Sensen season 3


The second season of the series has ended in 2017 and the fans are awaiting an update on Kekkai Sensen season 3 ever since. Though there are no official announcements yet from the Studio Bones, Kekkai Sensen season 3 seems likely to be renewed soon. The past two seasons of Kekkai Sensen have been notable success with the sales of the DVDs and Blu-rays skyrocketing. It is rated at 7.3 on IMDb and 7.6 on Myanimelist. This can serve as a remark of the impressive performance of Kekkai Sensen. Renewal and release of Kekkai Sensen season 3 can be expected in 2021 or 2022. The fans are waiting for the announcement of Kekkai Sensen season 3. For those who have not watched it yet, It is the best time to catch up on this anime! It is streaming on Crunchyroll!

Also, comment down your favorite character from Kekkai Sensen season 3!

Stay safe, Keep calm and wait for Kekkai Sensen season 3!

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