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Aldnoah Zero season 3: EXCLUSIVE NEWS!!! Release Date! Storyline | Production | Voice actors | Trailer | Characters

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Aldnoah Zero Season 3: CONFIRMED OR NOT???

Aldnoah Zero season 3

Aldnoah Zero season 3 is the continuation of the show which is a mecha anime that was first aired in 2014. Read to find out updates on Aldnoah Zero season 3.

Aldnoah.Zero is a book series created by the author Olympus Knights and the plot for it was designed by Gen Urobuchi. The anime series was created by A-1 Pictures studio, A Japanese anime studio known for their work in Okiku Furikabutte and Zenmai Zamurai. Troy, another Japanese anime studio, also worked together in the anime production. Aldnoah Zero was directed by Ei Aoki. The anime show was written by four people, prominently Katsuhiko Takayama. The characters were designed by Takako Shimura. The series was first aired on July 5, 2014, with 24 episodes and got over on March 28, 2015.

Aldnoah Zero Season 3 UPDATES:

Although there’s very little to no hope of commencing production for Aldnoah Zero season 3, solely depends on the creator Katsuhiko Takayama. Because there is no source material left for guiding Aldnoah Zero season 3 and now the decision is in the hands of the creator. Even if they plan to commence the work for Aldnoah Zero season 3, is also a highly unlikely scenario to start production due to the pandemic situation. On the brighter side, we can hope Aldnoah Zero season 3 to be released in 2022 or 2023.

As of now, let us examine the storyline, characters, voice actors, production process, and more. Go on and read to find everything about Aldnoah Zero season 3!

Aldnoah Zero season 3


During the midst of the Apollo 17 mission, an ancient artifact called the Hypergate is discovered. This Hypergate helps to teleport humans directly to the mars. In this scenario, a particular group of individuals left the earth behind and moved on to mars to reside and make a living there. These residents of Mars discover a technology that aces all the technologies ever found by mankind, called Aldnoah. The Vers Empire of mars is now wanting to get freedom and so declares a war on the Terrans of Earth. This dispute later results in an even bigger problem, an intergalactic war has been declared between earth and mars. In the course of the war, the Hypergate explodes leaving the mars shattered. The residue of mars forms a belt of debris around the earth, and therefore the people of mars construct an orbital space station in it and attack the earth. Fifteen years had gone by and in the year 2014, Ver’s Empire Princess Asseylum Vers Allusia returns to Earth to revive peace between the two planets. Unfortunately, she was assassinated. The only person who knew the truth is the show’s protagonist Inaho Kaizuka, who is a school kid. Now, the Vers Empire to seek revenge plans to attack Earth and conquer it once and for all. Inaho Kaizuka along with his friends must find how to avert this war between planets and restore peace and prosperity in their homeland. Aldnoah Zero season 3 is yet to tell us the story and provide us with a conclusive ending.

MAIN CHARACTERS IN Aldnoah Zero season 3

Inaho kaizuka

Inaho kaizuka is sort of a relaxed and calm guy who doesn’t disclose any emotions easily. He is a student at the Shinawatra high school and he lives together with his sister Yuki. He joins the United Forces of Earth to fight the Vers Empire along with his classmates.

Slaine Troyard

Yet another main character for Aldnoah Zero season 3. Slaine Troyard is a friend of the Princess Asseylum Vers Allusia and admires her so much. During the assassination of the princess, Slaine was told that she could be still alive, Slaine departs to look for her on his lonesome.

Asseylum Vers Allusia

The Vers Empire’s princess. She is a very kind human who is very close to Slaine Troyard. She returns to Earth to clear the differences and revive the peace. She is also an important female protoganist in Aldnoah Zero season 3. She was not killed during her visit to earth and her body was double replaced. Until the end, she fights to restore peace with earthlings. She also had affection towards Inaho Kaizuka. After all the chaos, Asseylum regains control over the Vers Empire and also gets engaged with the son of count crusher, who also desires peace. She did this to clear the differences and establish peace and order.

If they ever release Aldnoah Zero season 3, we might be able to witness the character developments!

Aldnoah Zero season 3

OTHER CHARACTERS IN Aldnoah Zero season 3

Inko Amifumi who is a fellow high school student, crushed on Inaho Kaizuka. She was within the squad of Inaho.

Yuki Kaizuka is the sister of Inaho Kaizuka. She helped Inaho in every way possible but always in the fear that Inaho might get killed.

Rayet Areash, Calm Craftman, Kisaki Matsuribi, Okisuke Mikuni, Nina klein, Yutaro  Tsumugi, Koichiro Marito, Soma Yagarai, Shigo Kakei, Kaoru Mizusaki, Darzana Magbaredge are the other other supporting roles in Aldnoah Zero season 3.


Max Mittleman, an American voice actor did the voice acting for Inaho Kaizuka. He is known for voice acting in Naruto Shippuden, Doraemon, Boruto: Naruto next generation, and so on.

Slaine Troyard was voice acted by Zach Aguilar, he is known for voicing characters like Genos, Tanjiro Kamado, and Byleth.

American voice actress Erika Harlacher voice acted for Asseylum Vers Allusia. Her other works include Elizabeth Liones in The Seven Deadly Sins.


If not for the soundtrack, Aldnoah.Zero wouldn’t have gathered more audience. Hiroyuki Swano was in charge of music and composed some wonderful soundtracks for the series. MKAliez, No differences are some of the song names used in Aldnoah.Zero.


Since it is clear that there are no updates regarding Aldnoah Zero season 3, is the best time to catch up on the series if you have not already. It is streaming on Netflix in a few countries and is also available on Crunchyroll. Do not miss out on this series, anime-lovers! Comment down your favorite Aldnoah.Zero characters! If you know any updates regarding Aldnoah Zero season 3, Do comment on it. Until then, Stay safe. Stay home. Binge-watch anime.


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