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Nichijou season 2: SPOILER ALERT!!!! Release Date REVEALED | Trailer | Character | Plot GOOD NEWS FOR FANS!!

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Nichijou season 2

Anime is now the most-watched genre of all. It was originally originated in Japan. Anime is especially recognized for its plot, the characters, and the animation. One can feel a mixed bag of emotions while watching Anime. One such anime is Nichijou!

Keep reading to find out new updates on Nichijou season 2!


nichijou SEASON 2

Nichijou is a Japanese anime-manga comedy-drama. The manga was originally written and illustrated by Keiichi Arawi. The manga had ten volumes and was released during the years 2006 to 2015. It was published in the Japanese Publications “Monthly Shonen Ace” and “Comptiq”. The manga was published in English in JManga and Vertical.

Later in the year 2011, the manga was adapted into anime television series. It was directed by Tatsuya Ishihara who works in the Kyoto Animation and It was written by Jukki Hanada who is a Japanese scriptwriter. She is known for her works in No game no life, Petite Princess Yucie, Sound! Euphonium, The girl who leaped through space, and so on.

Nichijou season 1 had 26 anime episodes with 24 minutes of runtime each and was aired between April 3, 2011, and September 25, 2011. A month before the commencement of the show, an OVA or a side story for Nichijou was telecasted.

The production work was handled by Kyoto Animation, a Japanese animation studio found in 1981. The show was licensed by Funimation for North America and Madman Entertainment for New Zealand and Australia. Funimation first released Nichijou DVDs with subtitles on February 7, 2017. The dub was later created.
Nichijou was also developed as a PlayStation portable game called Nichijou: Uchuujin that was released on July 28, 2011.
Anime surreal comedy-drama Nichijou gathered appreciation from around the globe. As it gathered many fans including North America and Australia, it was a great success for the two production companies respectively. Now, fans are demanding for Nichijou season 2.

Read on to find out updates on Nichijou season 2!

Nichijou Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 of Nichijou gathered a huge fan base, it is also regarded as one of the best anime by the fans. Unfortunately, the creators have not released any updates for almost a decade, which means that there is no ongoing discussion for another season. But even now Nichijou season 2 is still one of the most awaited sequels for anime lovers aka the otakus.

Another reason for no update is that to film an anime, the show must have source materials. Sadly, Nichijou season 2 does not have any source material left and the manga also has ended in the year 2015.

On a positive note, Nichijou season 2 solely depends on the fans, maybe the collective request from the fans can change the mind of the creators and start production for Nichijou season 2.

It is to be noted that several petitions have been signed from the fans for releasing Nichijou season 2.
With more streaming platforms available down the lane, Nichijou season 2 can be released anytime soon, maybe within a year or two. Fingers crossed.

As of now, let’s dig into the storyline, characters, voice actors, etc of Nichijou!


The story revolves around a group of people in the town of Tokisadame. The show primarily focuses on a gang of girls who attend high school. The anime showcases the everyday events that happen in the ordinary life of the people living in Tokisadame. Nano, the robot girl is primarily focused on Nichijou and she also has a separate arc among the other characters. Nano desires to attend high school as a student and at the same time not to be exposed that she is a Robot. The ordinary life of the people is portrayed in a humorous manner, which gives the viewers a good laugh.

Nichijou season 2


Nano Shinonome, the android girl.

Nano was built by the professor. Nano Shininome’s only desire is to attend high school and also to keep her identity safe as a robot. Nano has a key on her back which makes it obvious that she’s a robot. She always looks after the professor. She befriends Yuko Aioi and the other girls in the high school.

Yuko Aioi

Yuko Aioi is a cool, happy-go-lucky person. Yuko Aioi’s main goal is to make her everyday living even more interesting. She often copies her homework from her friends.

Mio Naganohara

Mio has a crush on Kojiro Sasahara. Mio is sometimes seen as a short-tempered girl. She is a talented artist and sometimes she draws pictures of Kojiro ( her crush ) in her notebook.

Mai Minakami

Mai Minakami is quite an intelligent girl, she moved from Alaska to Japan because of her father’s job. She is skilled in fishing, arms wrestling. She has an admirable sense of humor and can be often seen in her trolling Yuko Aioi.


The professor is a highly skilled eight years old scientist who has already been graduated because of her efficient science skills. Her favorite animal is a shark and she loves shark-themed products. She is the one who created Nano, the android school girl. The professor is sometimes shown as a spoiled kid, who throws tantrums to get whatever she wants. Professor loves spending time with Nano and the other girls. She also has a black cat named Sakamoto.


The other characters in the show include Kojiro Sasahara, Izumi Sakurai, Manabu Takasaki, Principal Shinonome, Vice Principal Kosuke Ora, and Kana Nakamura.


Morgan Garrett, an American voice actress did the voice acting for Yuko Aioi. Morgan’s notable works include Wise man’s Grandchild, Deca-Dence, Gleipnir, and Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle.
Mio Naganohara was voice acted by Leah Clark, who works as a director and script-writer for Funimation.
Mai Minakami was voiced by Brittany Lauda. Jad Saxton did the voicing for Professor.

Monica Rial did the voicing for Nano, the robot girl.

Nichijou season 1 is available on many online streaming platforms. Do watch them. Let’s hope for Nichijou season 2!


That’s it for now. Do you think they’ll release Nichijou season 2? Comment your thoughts down below!

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