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Government DeSantis suspends Everything local COVID-19 orders

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Florida State Deans Vow To Suspend Local Cigarette Sales

Pat Moore, with the Chester County, Pa., Health Department, fills a syringe with Moderna COVID-19 vaccine before administering it to emergency medical workers and healthcare personnel at the Chester County Government Services Center, Tuesday, Dec. 29, 2020, in West Chester, Pa. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

Florida’s Democratic Party is demanding that Florida’s State Democratic Committee (DCC) remove a controversial measure from its party platform. In response to a controversial measure introduced into the Florida legislature that would increase tobacco taxes, the DCC is seeking to suspend the new local CO Vid 19 regulation. This measure will take effect on July 1st, and has already been voted in the Florida House of Representatives earlier this month. The initiative has already been approved by the Senate earlier this month, but it will go before the House for a final vote once all the necessary signatures have been collected. If the House does pass the resolution, the new law will take effect immediately, despite any objections from Florida’s largest business lobby.

According to state Representative John Mica, who authored the constitutional amendment, “The people of Florida have decided they want the tobacco taxes. They’ve voted for the revenue. Why then do we still have a tobacco sales tax?” He continued, “I just don’t understand why this particular provision is being added onto the bill.” He noted that a majority of Floridians want the constitutional amendment to ban all taxation of sales, including those in local municipalities, as they do not want their elected leaders to add another tax increase to the citizens of Florida.

Floridas DeSantis moves to suspend local COVID19 restrictions

In a letter addressed to both the House and the Senate, Florida’s Democratic Party called on both chambers to “consolidate” the proposed tax hikes. Mica indicated that he intended to file a bill to that end as soon as possible. However, according to him, the proposal will need to receive a final House vote before it goes to a final vote in the Florida State Legislature. The proposal is expected to garner support from the Florida House and a few Democrats in the Senate. If it passes, the only real doubt is whether the Florida Supreme Court will uphold the decision.

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