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Northern Rescue season 2 EXCLUSIVE News! Dates revealed! Releasing in 2021?

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Northern Rescue Season 2 Updates! EXCLUSIVE!

northern rescue season 2


Northern rescue is a Canadian television series starring William Baldwin. Northern Rescue season 1 somehow managed to collect fans from around the globe. Though based on the reviews from the internet, some did not find the plot of northern rescue to be much interesting. On the other hand, some really did like the show and are waiting for the renewal of the second season! Did you also watch Northern rescue season 1? If no, you must read this article! Today we’ll be discussing the storyline, production, season 2 updates, and confirmation of release dates, and also about the cast for Northern Rescue season 2! Come on, let’s read!


Will there be a Northern Rescue Season 2? Is the team planning for renewal for season 2?

Although season one of Northern Rescue left the audience at a cliff-hanger, still there’s no clear information regarding the installment of Northern Rescue Season 2. If CBC Television (Canadian Television) decides to drop the idea of releasing season 2, we can expect Netflix to take up the idea of releasing the Netflix Original Northern Rescue season 2!  The renewal of season 2 is still not decided by the Northern Rescue team is confirmed by the Northern Rescue’s Lead role Actor William Baldwin himself, while replying to a fan tweet on Twitter.

We’ll surely update this article if there’s an announcement regarding the release of Season 2! Until then, let’s read about Northern Rescue Season 1’s Storyline, Cast, Production, and many more.


Northern Rescue Season 2: All about Directors, Production, and Northern Rescue team!

Northern Rescue is originally a Canadian television series that revolves around a single father and kid’s family, who deals with their loss of their mother after she died. Northern Rescue was first released on 1 March 2019. It was first telecasted on the CBC Gem series, a unit of CBC Television. CBC Television is a Canadian streaming platform. Northern Rescue was also released on Netflix internationally for a global audience.

Northern Rescue season 1 had ten episodes. Northern Rescue was created by a group of individuals (Mark Bacci, Dwayne Hill, David Cormican) each working on different episodes during the first season of Northern Rescue.

The series was directed by Bradley Walsh, Gail Harvey, Eleanore Lindo, and Michael McGowan.

Bradley Walsh directed four episodes while the other directors directed two episodes each.

The production work was carried out by DCTV (Don Carmody Television) and David Cormican. They are also the executive producers for Northern Rescue season 1.

Do you have any speculation regarding the release of Northern Rescue season 2? We’d love to hear from you, so please comment down below!

The storyline for Northern Rescue Season 1!


John West is a single parent raising kids all by himself after the death of his wife, Sarah. John west is a search and rescue commander. After the loss of their mother, the three children Maddie (Elder), Scout West ( Secondborn), and Taylor (Youngest child) of the family couldn’t accept their mother’s death and this agony leads to consecutive problems within their family. John west on the other side is unable to meet the city life’s expenses and decides to move to his home town Turtle Island Bay (Fictional town) in Ontario, Canada along with his three kids. He is placed as the Commander for Turtle island Bay’s search and rescue team. Turtle Island Bay is where John and Sarah first met and Sarah’s sister Charlie is still alive there. The story, “Northern Rescue” revolves around how each member of the John west family deals with their grief and struggles with their everyday life.

Towards the ending of Northern Rescue Season 1, Family secrets are revealed and  Maddie finds that John West is not her biological father and lefts the family with a written note for her sister while the entire family is left to break into fragments.

If there’s going to be a Northern Rescue season 2, it’ll answer all the questions and finish the unfinished plot.


All details about Northern Rescue season 1 Cast!

Still, there’s no public announcement regarding the confirmation of Northern Rescue Season 2! But if there’s going to be a season two, maybe we can expect the arrival of new characters along with the below-mentioned actors!

William Baldwin

William played the role of John West. He is an American actor and producer. William is one among the Baldwin Brothers. William Baldwin also appeared in many films and television series including Too old to die young, Backdraft Movie, and Internal affairs movie. William Baldwin is married to Singer Chynna Philips. They have three children.

Michelle Nolden

Michelle is a Canadian actress. She played the protagonist role as Sarah West. She has made her appearance in several television series including Earth: Final conflict, ZOS: Zone of separation, and many more.



Other Major Characters of Northern Rescue :

Kathleen Robertson acted as Charlie ( Sarah West’s sister ).

Amalia Williamson as Maddie the elder child of John and Sarah West.

Taylor Thorne played the role of Taylor West, the younger born.

Spencer MacPherson acted as  Scout West, the second born.

Evan Marsh played the role of Henry who is Maddie’s love.

Eliana Jones acted as Gwen.

Sebastian Roberts played the role of Charlie’s former boyfriend.

Michael Xavier played the role of Paul Simmons.

Northern Rescue Season 1 official CBC Trailer:


That’s it for now readers! Stay tuned for more updates!

Have I missed anything regarding Northern Rescue Season 2? If so, please comment below!

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Do you have any fan theories regarding Season 2? We’d love to hear from you, so go and comment below.

We’ll surely update this article if there is any announcement for Northern Rescue Season 2!

Still haven’t watched Northern Rescue Season 1? It’s available for streaming on Netflix.



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