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How strong is Saitama? Is he the strongest in the Animeverse?! IMPRESSIVE INFORMATION!! One Punch Man season 2!

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How strong is Saitama

Saitama is one of the most popular guys in the anime universe. For those who do not know him, Saitama is the protagonist of the show One Punch Man. One-Punch Man is a superhero anime series. It is based on Japanese manga series and the anime adaptation of the same superhero series premiered in October 2015. There have been two seasons of the show One Punch Man.


Several monsters, villains, and evil humans have begun to destroy the cities in the supercontinent Earth. That is when a millionaire named Agoni decides to set up a heroes association. A heroes association is a group of superheroes who are assembled to defeat the villains. Saitama is a guy from City Z and does heroic acts for his own happiness. Saitama is very well trained and is truly strong. He has trained so hard and has the ability to knock out his opponents with just a simple normal punch. That is the reason behind the name One Punch Man.

Becoming the strongest also has its drawbacks too. Saitama has nothing to look forward to or no one to rival against. Being the strongest also brings along a lot of sense of boredom. What does Saitama even have to worry about when he has the ability to defeat anyone with just a single punch. Here enters Genos. Genos is a cyborg who trains under Saitama. Genos’ family and hometown are annihilated by another cyborg and Genos plan to take revenge on the other cyborg.

Both Genos and Saitama decided to join the Heroes association. But they achieved only low marks in a written exam and were thus allotted to lower rank jobs. It was told in a vision that the world is in danger very soon and Boros, an alien, invades the planet. This is how the story of Saitama and One Punch Man continues. How strong is Saitama actually? Read on to know.


At the first sight, it would be tough to believe that Saitama is a superhero. With his oval-shaped bald head, Saitama does not very much look like an expected superhero. But his physical features can convince anyone. Saitama is a tall guy with a very well-built muscular body. He had developed such an impressive physique with his burnout training sessions. It is told that Saitama actually had hair, but lost it due to the intensity in his training. Saitama wears a yellow jumpsuit with a white cape, red gloves, and boots. The answer to the question How strong is Saitama partly lies with his muscular physical appearance too.

How strong is Saitama


Saitama answers this question when he along with Genos comes across Genus and Carnage Kabuto. He says that it took him three years to get so strong. He had to perform one hundred push-ups, sit-ups squats every single day and did a ten-kilometer run every day too. Saitama also says that he ate only one banana for breakfast every day. This intensive workout and training done by Saitama appear to be the secret of his power and strength. But this does not seem to be a complete truth behind and there are speculations that Saitama might have also gained extra strength from some external source too. Then how strong is Saitama actually? What are his powers?


Saitama is almost unparalleled when it comes to strength in One Punch Man. Boros is the only one who actually came close and put up a good fight against Saitama. Boros pushed Saitama to the extent of him using his Serious Punch rather than the usual Normal Punch. That explains how strong is Saitama.

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Exceptional strength:

Saitama possesses exceptional and unrivaled strength which makes it easy for him to defeat the monsters and enemies. A single Normal Punch from Saitama is enough to kill all the villains and make them explode. In the anime, we witness a scene where Saitama jumps towards a giant meteor, passes right through it with a Normal Punch, and goes back home unharmed.

Saitama uses Serious Punch only when he is forced to use it, which is rarely. During the fight with Boros, we get to see Boros launching his fiercest attack, the Collapsing Star Roaring Cannon. It was said to be strong enough to wipe out the entire surface of Earth. Saitama nullifies such a strong attack with his Serious Punch. As a result, his Serious Punch parts the clouds all over the world. It is also told that even his Serious Punch is not near to Saitama’s full potential. Saitama holds back and refrains from using more powerful attacks than a Serious Punch.

Mighty Leap:

Saitama’s leg strength is unmatchable. Though he does not have the ability to fly, Saitama can jump up to a gigantic distance and height. He can leap to enormous ranges and that is one of his strengths too. We see Saitama jumping off from Moon and getting back to Earth within seconds.

Speed and Reflexes:

Saitama’s speed and reflexes are second to none in the series. He appears to be one of the fastest superheroes. It is believed that he can move at the speed of light and can match with Speed-o’-sound Sonic, which moves at hypersonic speed.


Saitama can create afterimages during a fight too. Due to his unmatchable lightning speed, Saitama can move so fast that he can create afterimages of himself to confuse the opponent. He uses this first while training with Genos and in the fight against Speed-o’-Sound Sonic.

Persistent stamina:

Saitama appears to be a superhero with a lot of stamina. In the series, we do not get to see Saitama losing his stamina during a fight or training. Even after performing earth-shattering attacks, Saitama does not even stop to catch a breath. Only once, we see Saitama catching a breath and recovering seconds after that.

Temperature resistant:

Saitama is also resistant to all types of hot or cold attacks. In the course of the series, we see Saitama facing attacks like a blast of flame, freezing attacks and nothing ever affects him a lot. Saitama can endure in all types of temperature. These are some of the powers which give us an answer to the question of how strong is Saitama.

How strong is Saitama


Saitama has a lot more abilities than the few mentioned above which makes him the strongest character in the series. Saitama is seen to be holding back a lot of attacks even after he performs a Serious Punch. We can only think of what all powers Saitama holds in his locker and what is his fullest potential.

But here comes another question. How strong is Saitama? Is he the strongest anime character ever? Is he stronger than Goku, Naruto, and other anime characters? Comment your opinions below!

For the ones who have not watched the series yet, One Punch Man is streaming on Hulu in the US, Tubi in Canada, and Crunchyroll in Europe. So did you find our article on How strong is Saitamaeful? Did I miss something about How strong is Saitama? Do you get much information about How strong is Saitama? Do you want more articles like How strong is Saitama? Comment below:

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