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The Thinning 3: American Sci-fi Thriller CONFIRMED for 2021? | LATEST UPDATES | Release Date | Plot | Trailer | Cast

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The Thinning 3: RELEASE DATE!!!

The Thinning 3: The thinning is an American Sci-fi Thriller that is based on a post-dystopian world. It deals with the consequence of law being implemented in a country by its leader to thin the population and rise resourceful workers. The law includes aptitude tests at High schools that determine the students to be worthy or not for the world.

The film stars the YouTube sensation Logan Paul and Liana Michaels as the lead roles and is directed by Micheal Gallagher. Since the release of “The Thinning” hit in 2012 on YouTube, the audiences are waiting for its 3rd installment of the series and are waiting for its updates.

The Thinning 3

The Thinning 1 – What happened and what’s the story?

The story is set in a post-dystopian world where the earth is overpopulated due to which the UN declares all nations cut their population and implements a standardized test called “The Thinning”. Those who fail are to be executed and those who passed the test are being awarded assignments to do for a living.

Blake Redding, son of Gov. Dean Redding, is seen to be dating Ellie Harper and they both don’t study for the exam. At the results when released, blake passes the exams, while Ellie fails which leads to blake calling his father to free her from execution but his father refuses his decision.

On the last exam day, Blake makes a video saying that he will deliberately fail his exam to test his father’s loyalty and Redding takes notice. Mason switches his score with Laina, making Blake pass. Ms. Birch, the teacher secretly hands Laina a keycard so that she can escape but it becomes harder as the school goes into lockdown. Using the keycard given by the teacher, Laina meets him safely.

Then Laina manages to go through few guards and goes into the server room to check scores where she finds out that they are shuffled, resulting in the wrongful deaths of many students with passing scores, like Ellie. Laina gives it to a news anchor.

The lights are off suddenly and she gets caught where she gets to be taken for the execution. Blake who is still in disguise attempts to release all the failed students but gets into a fight. After photos get leaked, the gov. dean has no way but to execute all of those students who actually failed, including Blake. But Laina gets out to the world and unites with her relatives.

The others with Blake are shown seen to been going down the elevators underground working for Assuru Global wherein on the screen they are shown about how much they are worthy of being working for the tech company. Black wakes off from the sleep drug which he was induced before going to the elevator eventually finds out that he is working under the Assuru Global company and it ends with him seeing Ellie again.

The Thinning 3

The Thinning 2- Is the end?

After 2 years from its first installment released on YouTube as a YouTube original. The Thinning: New World Order chronicles Liana (Peyton List) and her infiltration into the presidential campaign. Meanwhile, Black Redding (Logan Paul) who has passed the test, tries to go out of the system and tries to connect with her to fully evade the thinning. He faces a lot of troubles during the escaping mission including from her lover, people at the facility, and many more.

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The Thinning 3

The Cast of the Thinning

The Key cast of the thinning includes Logan Paul (Blake redding), Peyton List (Liana Micheals), Calum Worthy (Kellan Woods), Lia Marie Johnson (Elle Harper), and Charles Melton (Cage).

The Other cast members are:

Matthew Glave – Gov. Dean Redding

Micheal Traynor – Mason King

Jana Winternitz – Ms.Cole

Rome Flynn – Jack

Laura Harring – Georgina Preston

Amy Paffrath – Wendy Banks

Synde Mikelle – Heather Forester

Brooke Nevin – Dr.Langley

Spencer List – Tyson

Steven Cox – Wade Freeman

Aria Lyric Leabu – Corrine Micheals and many more…

Where to watch the previous two parts of The Thinning?

The Thinning and its sequel are available on many streaming platforms like YouTube premiere, Amazon Prime, and Google Play. If you haven’t used the free trial of the YouTube Priemere yet, then, you can watch it for free for 1 month with other originals as well. Right now, The Thinning 1 and its sequel are available to rent and buy on these streaming platforms as well.

The Thinning 3

Will Logan Paul return for The Thinning 3?

Logan Paul was caught in several controversies due to his inhuman behavior during the last few years. The incident of logan and his friends filming a hanging dead body and further laughing at it brought many people to hate him and criticized him for being inhuman.

Due to that issue, Youtube canceled his YouTub, took away the series “Foursome” and even delayed the release of The Thinning 3 for a certain period of time. But, later, decided to release it for its other cast and crew who have to spend their hard work on it.

Thereby, it seems like YouTube won’t take another risk of casting logan Paul once again for The Thinning 3. Even though logan paul has apologized, there haven’t been any updates from Youtube on recasting him for the role of Blake Redding again with the negative impression people have got from his platform.

Also, logan paul has recently got into boxing and has fully focused on it. Recently, he has revealed about the boxing event “Bragging Nights” between Mayweather and Logan Paul on Sunday, June 6 which will be also live-streamed on Showtime. With his, boxing dream, there is no confirmation from logan that he will enter into acting again and reprising his role for The Thinning 3.

The Thinning 3

The Thinning 3: When is the Release Date?

Until now, there isn’t any official announcement regarding the 3rd installment of The Thinning 3 yet but it seems to me that it might not happen. With the Youtube not announcing and the cast member being silent for all this time, it seems to be like The Thinning 2 will be final for the film series.

For the official announcement of the installment or cancellation of the film series for The Thinning 3, we would have to wait and watch.

Until, then, you can binge-watch the last two parts during the lockdown and wait for The Thinning 3 to release soon.

Also, do comment on what you guys think about The Thinning film series, and are you excited for The Thinning 3

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