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Lori Harvey Arrested in Hit and Run Case, Steve Harvey is Still Mad and Pissed on Her!

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Lori Harvey Arrested in Hit and Run Case

Lori Harvey has been arrested in the hit and run case that took place on a busy highway near Saginaw Bay, Michigan. The incident happened when the driver of a vehicle that was traveling southbound on I majorities Highway, hit a tractor-trailer, killing the dog of the motorist’s wife. This caused a huge uproar in the area and prompted the local authorities to look into the arrest of the driver. As usual, they failed to find any evidence of guilt on either side and the case went to trial.

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lori harvey arrested in hit and run case

According to testimony, the dog owner’s wife noticed her husband’s dog had run out of the house while she was cleaning up in the backyard. She called the motorist, who was on his way to work, but by the time he arrived, the dog was already dead. When the police questioned the driver, he simply said that he did not know what happened and that he didn’t see the dog or its owner before the accident. His attorney argued that the police officer should have ticketed the motorist for failing to see the dog and for allowing his car to cross the roadway. The jury, however, sided with the prosecution and ruled in favor of the prosecution, and the guilty verdict was later upheld by the Michigan Supreme Court.



Recently, the Detroit Police Department investigated the conduct of the officer in this hit and run case. During the investigation, it was found that the arresting officer, Michael Brewer, had actually seen the dog run in front of his vehicle while it was being driven by the deceased driver, Andrew Lewis. Lewis, of course, was convicted of this crime and is now serving a lengthy jail term. There are too many questions surrounding this accident to ignore. Was this case mishandled by the police?

When Police Came:Lori Harvey Arrested in Hit and Run Case, Steve Harvey is Still Mad and Pissed on Her!

In a recent event, Lori Harvey drove her sedan and crashed into an unoccupied parked vehicle. The crash happened at about 9:48 p.m., according to Lt Albanese of the Los Angeles Police Department who responded to this report immediately after it was filed from 911 dispatch.

“Harvey left the scene of the collision without providing her information or contacting police as required by law, and caused a delay in the police investigation,” Albanese said in a statement.

The 22-year-old model was later stopped and cited for two misdemeanors after she left the scene of a “hit and run” without identifying herself.
This is not her first offense, as on September 4th Alexandria Marzano also failed to identify who caused an accident in which no injuries were reported.

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The 22-year-old model, Lori Harvey, was later stopped and issued a citation for misdemeanor hit-and-run and obstructing/delaying a police officer. Albanese said that no injuries were reported in the incident.



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