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Jaden Smith Dead, Suicide Rumor About Jaden Smith Fans Shocked!!

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You might think being a celebrity or star kid sounds great, but the reality is far from what we see on TV. What’s it really like? Well, for starters there are plenty of downsides to fame that make it not so attractive anymore: you often have no privacy and people know your personal life better than most friends do; while some may be happy with their lives as they never wanted anything else in addition to just this one thing- money and popularity come at a price!

With fame comes a lot of responsibility, and it’s important that stars show restraint when social media is involved. Celebrities should make sure they are not overexposing themselves by posting too many revealing photos or anything politically sensitive to avoid being targeted- this issue has become more prevalent with the recent rise in cyberbullying cases.

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As a parent, no one would want to read about their child being suicidal and dying. In 2016 alone there were several rumors that Jaden Smith was going around having an emotional breakdown or trying to kill himself in the past few months of filming his new movie Karate Kid; but luckily for Will Smith, this is not true!
Jaden’s father has been doing interviews with various news channels like CNN Money Magazine and HelloMagazine just so he can set the record straight: “I’m not worried at all.” He goes on to say how proud he is of his son as a well-known actor who doesn’t let anything get under his skin too easily.
So don’t believe everything you hear from people out there.

Jaden Smith History:Jaden Smith Dead, Suicide Rumor About Jaden Smith Fans Shocked!!

Jaden Smith, son of Will Smith is more than just being a star kid. He from a very young age started playing roles in movies and at the age of 18 completely became independent. Jaden Smit has been working as an actor since he was 11 years old for which his breakout role came with The Pursuit Of Happyness alongside his dad’s buddy Chris Gardner who played himself before becoming rich!

Jaden would go on to not only act but also write songs like “Off That” ft Pharrell Williams and Kanye West while releasing two R&B albums under the name Syre; Marching band music video for “Surrender,” where he plays all six instruments; appearing in fashion campaigns.

Jaden Smith is a 22-year old actor, rapper, songwriter, and singer who gained fame at the age of nine for his role in The Pursuit Of Happyness. He started acting when he was very young and went on to play roles as diverse as Chris Gardner’s son in that film; Jace Halliwell/Steve Garvey Jr. in Sixteen Wishes; Justin Bieber’s father (Joe) during episodes 1 through 3 of NBC’s Believe TV series from 2013–2014.

Jaden Smith health Issue:

With a vegan diet, Jaden Smith has been struggling with multiple vitamin deficiencies and nutrient imbalances. He’s had to suffer from Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, and Omega 3 deficiency due to the lack of meat dairy & gluten in his life as well as other animal products like eggs. After he went vegan for 6 years- because it was becoming more popular with celebrities–his body suffered extreme withdrawal symptoms after going off this type of eating plan since food items such as these are necessary for general health when you’re on any kind of restrictive dietary pattern; especially if your lifestyle doesn’t allow much variety or change then it becomes difficult not only mentally but physically too!

Suicide rumors on the internet:

In 2016, Jaden Smith became a victim of one of the internet’s most popular games: Death Hoax. As with any celebrity these days, this quickly spread to news sites and social media channels alike- but it was also exaggerated because he does have an enormous fan following that would believe anything they are told about him.

Jaden Smith became a target of an internet death hoax in 2016. Being famous, the news was all over social media and it was obviously exaggerated because he has a huge fan following.

When Jaden Smith was in London celebrating his 18th birthday, he also faced the news for other reasons such as The Get Down and a relationship with Sarah Snyder who is 21 years old. But soon after rumors of suicide were being read all over the internet when fans found out that since July 2016, Jaden didn’t tweet anything at all. Rumors were cleared quickly by representatives but not before they reached millions around the world on social media to fearfully hope it wasn’t true or worse yet- perhaps just another rumor?

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