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Planet Minecraft: GAME LOVERS!!! Planet where everything is in the form of BLOCKS!!! | Minecraft era | Latest VERSION 2021!!

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Planet Minecraft

Planet Minecraft: Welcome to the Planet Minecraft of blocks! Minecraft is a video game played by millions of people around the world. It’s a sandbox game developed by Mojang. It’s a completely different world compared to what you around you in reality. It’s where anything and everything here is in the form of pixelated block. It’s a video game that allows you to be creative and allows you to create lots of things.

There is something that you should know about planet Minecraft. It is a community-based website for video game players. People can share their iconic creations and new stuff on this website and they’ll share it with the public. This way it brings people together forming a community of these video gamers. It’s a great initiative that’s taken up by the team planet Minecraft.

Planet Minecraft

But does planet Minecraft really exist? Can something like this really exist according to science?

Scientifically, according to physics laws there cannot be something like a block planet anywhere in the world. Because for gravity to act upon an object, the source has to be either spherical or circular. According to the video game, something like a block concept doesn’t work in reality. We don’t know what was the idea behind creating this video game full of blocks concept by the creator. Let’s forget that for now since it needs a deep digging of thoughts. But it’s cool stuff we got here to play.

Planet Minecraft is a great website for this video game to find all sorts of extensions. You also get to use things from this site by downloading various stuff they provide like maps, texture packs, data packs, player skin, and many more. All of these act like an extension to the video game which helps you in gaming better. The site also holds really competitive contests. You really have to visit this site planet Minecraft to find some amazing stuff and contests. What’s gaming without competition right? Take your gaming to next level and enjoy. You won’t find anything this amazing apart from planet Minecraft. So, please give it a check.

Planet Minecraft

How can you download planet Minecraft?

To do this open the web browser that you use and visit this link given https://www.planetminecraft.com/ you’ll find several options on top of the page. Just hover your mouse over the option that you want to check out or explore and download. On the top left corner, you have an option to log in or signup. And that’s it. Enjoy your gaming.

How the game exactly works?

The game is just simple once you understand. The moment you start you see your character in a block form and a lot of trees around you. Here and there comes sheep and chicken. The rule of the game is that there’s a crafting board in which if you insert the things you get the resultant of what you want. This is used to create material for you to build houses, create tools and weapons, crops and food, and much more. You will be given a hint on a particular thing for you to get what are the materials you will have to import and how many numbers. Once you are done your crafting will be finished. So, this is how the game works.

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Your only job is to mine and collect stuff. For this, you need to first build a shelter and that’s a house. The other one is, you should be having a bed to sleep in. Because sleep is important for you to do so much work right?! It’s just like how the real world works. When the sun sets and it’s night in the game, you need to go to sleep. Otherwise, there come zombies to attack you and there’s no way where you can escape from them. It will take away your life resulting in your life level going down. So the only way to avoid this is to go to bed. To create a bed you need wool and that comes from sheep. As soon as you see a sheep try to hit it with your bare hands several times. Once it dies you can collect the wool.

Planet Minecraft

This game also works on basic logic too. You can be creative but you should have logical understanding and thinking as well to understand this game better. For example, I’ll give you a scenario of a bed. What comes to your mind when you think of a bed? You will need wood and wool right? So that’s it. You get wool from the sheep and wood from the trees around you. If you’ve cracked this logical thinking, it’s going to be easier and faster to play the game. Now, go to the crafting table and see how much wool and wood you require to produce a bed. Do it accordingly and follow the crafting procedure and you should be getting the result.

If you are too new to this game. You don’t have to worry. Every time you think you need to create something just open the crafting table and check out for stuff. You’ll see small icons of what material you need. This way you’ll learn better and get to know more stuff. And there are plenty of video tutorials where you can learn. You can create and build your own village and do poultry farming and vegetable farming and you can also trade! Isn’t that amazing? And yes, that’s why it’s called the most amazing and creative video game ever!

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Hope this was helpful. Please don’t forget to visit the planet Minecraft website. Happy gaming!


1. How do you download a planet map in Minecraft PE?
  1. Install your map. Obviously, you have downloaded your map Minecraft. You can download it on sites such as MCPE Hub. …
  2. Download MCPE Master. Now that you have your map you need to download an app that will allow you to put your cards on Minecraft PEAndroidMCPE Master – Play Store. …
  3. Import the map on Minecraft PE.
2. How do you download a map for Minecraft Java?
  1. Select a map. Click on a map that you want to download. …
  2. Click Download. …
  3. Wait for the map to finish downloading. …
  4. Unzip the folder. …
  5. Open the unzipped map folder. …
  6. Double-click the folder inside of the map folder. …
  7. Select the map folder. …
  8. Copy the map folder.
3. How To Download Any PlanetMinecraft World?
  1. Go to any map and click download world save.
  2. It will lead you to MediaFire. …
  3. It will download a file in your left bottom corner. …
  4. When it is finished you have to place that file into the save file. …
  5. Load up Minecraft and you will find that world on your single-player maps.
  6. Enjoy

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