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PNC Wire Transfer: $45 shocking transaction fees?! ULTIMATE guide to everything about it! HOW IS IT DONE!!!

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Every adult would have faced this situation at least once in their life. Figuring out finances is one of the toughest things ever in adult life. The world of finance is confusing for a layman who is not interested in it. There are a lot of things to know, to remember, to understand, and to perform.

There are several options of transferring which drives the customers into a dilemma. Which method of transfer would be ideal for you? Is PNC wire transfer the best option? How convenient is the PNC wire transfer method? Do not worry anymore! We at Market activity have heard your concerns and are ready to help you out! In today’s article we are going to explain the PNC wire transfer service and how does it work? Read on to know more about PNC wire transfer!


PNC Wire Transfer

PNC is one of the largest banking companies in the United States of America. PNC offers its customers a variety of financial services such as asset management, estate planning, wealth management, information processing, and loan servicing. The PNC bank reaches out to 9 million customers all over the United States through its 2296 branches in 21 different states. It also provides them with other services like deposit, credit cards, lending, investment, and cash management.


PNC wire transfer is one of the many methods of transferring money from one account to another account. Especially when it comes to international transfers, there are very few trusted methods through which one can send their money without any fear, uncertainty, and doubt. PNC wire transfer can be used to send money domestically from an account to another account within the boundaries of the United States. PNC wire transfer is also used to transfer money internationally to other countries too. Usually, this kind of service does come along at a specific fee.


Any transfer of money from one account to another account almost always comes with a particular fee for the transaction. Depending upon the nature of the transaction, domestic or foreign, the rates can be altered severely. This is common for all types of money transactions. So just like the other methods of transactions, PNC wire transfer also charges a certain amount of fee for the transactions they process. The transactions are charged at different rates for incoming and outgoing transfers domestically and incoming and outgoing transfers internationally.

To complete a transaction, it is necessary to provide the name of the recipient, the name of their bank, the account number, and the details of pickup. After receiving all this necessary information, a bank like PNC can perform a wire transfer transaction to the recipient. It is also important to notice that PNC bank has some of the highest fees for transactions when compared to other banks in the United States.

So given below are the fees charged by the PNC wire transfer for various types of transactions.


With this method, it is possible to do a PNC wire transfer of money from one account to another account within the United States of America. Though it is domestic, it still comes at a rate that is needed to perform the transaction. These are the rates for domestic PNC wire transfer transactions.

  • Incoming domestic wire transfer transaction fees are charged at $15 per transaction.
  • Outgoing domestic wire transfer transaction fees are charged at $30 per transaction.
  • Outgoing domestic wire transfer transactions that are completely done over the phone (In cases where the sender is unable to visit the local PNC branch physically, they are allowed to make over the call transactions) fees are charged at $45 per transaction.


International wire transfers are costly no matter the bank. Transferring money across continents is actually a big deal which can not easily be done by all the banks. PNC bank’s fees for international PNC wire transfers are some of the costliest. But that is what is needed by the banks to assure you a safe and secure transaction.

  • Incoming foreign wire transfer transaction fees are charged at $15 per transaction.
  • Outgoing foreign wire transfer transaction fees are charged at $45 per transaction.

These are the rates at which domestic and foreign PNC wire transfer transactions are performed.

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PNC Wire Transfer

To the shock of the users, PNC does not allow online payment or processing of wire transfers yet. It is indeed a major drawback for the youth of today, who would love to perform transactions in a few touches of their mobile phones. Probably that is why we see the rise of cryptocurrencies too. PNC maintains the old-school way of performing a transaction. A person who wants to transfer money through the PNC wire transfer needs to visit his local PNC branch.

  • Visit the local PNC bank branch
  • Ask for the Wire Transfer Request Form from the employee at the PNC branch.
  • Fill out and sign the form and mention whether your transaction is domestic or an international transaction to the employee at the PNC branch.
  • Submit the form to initiate the transaction.
  • The employee at the PNC branch will process the transaction and provide a receipt of the transaction.
  • Keep the receipt safe as it might be helpful to identify your transaction if there happens to be an issue with the transaction.

Domestic wire transactions usually take 1-2 business days to be completed and International wire transactions might take up to 2-3 business days.

PNC Wire Transfer


To receive the transaction money from abroad to the PNC account, it is necessary to provide the following details to the sender.

PNC bank SWIFT Code for the international transfer – PNCCUS33

PNC Bank Routing Transit Number – It depends on the place where the account has been opened

Beneficiary account number – Enter your complete bank account numbers including zeros.

Beneficiary name – Enter the name as it is mentioned in the statement.

For PNC Bank address in wire transfers, use the mentioned address regardless of your account and branch is –

PNC Bank NA, 222 Delaware Avenue, Wilmington, DE 19899

So that is all regarding the PNC wire transfer transactions. We hope you are now clear on how to perform a PNC wire transfer. If this article has been helpful, kindly share it with other people who might benefit from it too.

Happy Financing!

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