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Katie Holmes Pregnant, Jamie Foxx is Real Daddy! Tom Cruise is PISSED.

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Who is the daddy?

The famous singer Katie Holmes was recently in the news due to her boyfriend, actor/comedian/writer David Hyde Pierce. When the couple first started dating, Katie was pregnant with her second child. Her fans are obviously hoping that this will end their troubled relationship with David and they are now expecting a baby inside of them. But, is it true that the birth of their baby is what triggered his exit from their relationship? Or maybe, is it that what actually pushed him to leave?

katie holmes is pregnant who is father

There have been some speculations about who is the father of the child. Some people say that it is his real biological father while others say it is simply a nickname given by the mother. The real truth however is that there are reports that both parents had some kind of role in creating the baby. It is quite common for celebrities to use their real name along with a stage or film actor name for their kid’s real father while using a stage name for their baby’s real mom.

It has also been speculated that what really prompted David to leave his wife is because of the birth of their baby. He said that he realized that he cannot have a family with an only child as he is already fulfilling the real role of father. Some people are even blaming the real Katie Holmes for not giving birth to a boy. Some have even theorized that what is in the refrigerator in the Holmes’ house could be what pushed David into such a state. Well, who is to know?

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