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Sangatsu no Lion Season 3: ASTONISHING Updates CONFIRMED? | News | Story | March comes in like a Lion | RELEASE DATE!!

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Sangatsu no Lion season 3 is going to release? Or will it be canceled? Anime fans assemble! Continue reading to know the latest updates on the show Sangatsu no Lion season 3.

Sangatsu no Lion season 3

Sangatsu no Lion is a manga series written and illustrated by Chica Umino in Japanese. It is also known as 3 Gatsu no Lion and translated as March comes in like a Lion in English. The writer Chica Umino is famously known for his work Honey and Clover. Sangatsu no Lion manga was serialized on Young Animal in July 2007. Young Animal is a popular seinen manga, meaning young adult or youth magazine, published by Hakusensha, Inc. Till December 2019, fifteen tankobon volumes of manga has been published. There is also a two-part film on the same manga too, which was released in March and April 2017.

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The anime adaptation has completed two seasons till Sangatsu no Lion season 3. The anime series was animated by Shaft. They are an animation studio based in Japan and are popular for their work in Hidamari Sketch and Puella Magi Madoka Magica. Sangatsu no Lion is directed by Akiyuki Shinbo and characters designed by Nobuhiro Sugiyama. The first season of the anime Sangatsu no Lion was released on October 8, 2016, and the second season finished on March 31, 2018. The series has 22 episodes in each season and a total of 44 episodes.


Rei Kiriyama is the protagonist of the show Sangatsu no Lion. Rey is a 17 years old boy and is a professional Shogi player. Shogi is a strategy board game for two players. It is basically the Japanese variant of the game Chess. Rei’s parents and younger sister were killed in an accident. So, our protagonist is a young boy who lives by himself, all alone. He was not taken proper care of by his foster family and was alienated at such a young age.

Rei only has a few acquaintances in his life and the Kawamoto sisters are notably close to him. Akari Kawamoto, Hinata Kawamoto, and Momo Kawamoto are the three sisters from a family. The Kawamoto sisters own a lot of cats with them at their place. Till Sangatsu no Lion season 3, we witness the way Rei Kiriyama learns to develop his relationships with the Kawamoto sisters and others and how our protagonist matures in the world where he believed he had no one to care for him. How would Rei’s life turn out to be? Will he find comfort and love with his people? Sangatsu no Lion season 3 is going to answer that.


Sangatsu no Lion season 3


Rei Kiriyama:

Rei lives in Rokugatsu Cho, also known as June town. Rei Kiriyama was already a professional shogi player when he was in middle school. After losing both his parents and younger sister in an accident, Rei was adopted by his father’s friend Koda. He soon moves on into his own house and lives by himself once he completed middle school. Rei also drops out of school and uses his shogi talent as a professional player. But he continues his schooling after a year, because of the need for it.

Rei is basically introverted in nature. He is a shy kid and has very poor social and communication skills. Also due to his traumatic childhood of losing his family, Rei is haunted till day about his past experiences. This pushed him into the lonely and depressed teenager phase and Rei is not totally out of it yet. Though he is one of the geniuses in Shogi at school, he has almost no friends and is socially awkward too. Rei’s new challenges in

Akari Kawamoto:

She is the eldest of the Kawamoto sisters. She is 22 years old and looks after both her sisters after their mother and grandmother passed away. She runs a Japanese Wagashi shop in the morning with her grandfather and goes to work as a hostess in a bar in the evening. Akari found Rei drunk and lay on the street. So Akari decided to take Rei to her house to nurse him. That was how the Kawamoto sisters became acquainted with Rei Kiriyama. They live in Sangatsu Cho or March town.

Hinata Kawamoto:

Hinata is the middle child of the Kawamoto sisters and goes to the same middle school as Rei Kiriyama. Hinata is a very optimistic girl with a positive attitude and outlook on life. She helps Rei to overcome his depression and eventually develops a love interest too. Though the death of her mother and grandmother at her young age had a profound impact on her, Hinata manages to smile through all of that and inspires the people around her too.

Momo Kawamoto:

Momo is the youngest child and is 3 years old. She is a preschool student and her favorite anime character is Bodor.

Sangatsu no Lion season 3


Sangatsu no Lion season 3 is eagerly anticipated by the fans of the show. After it ended in March 2018, there have not been any updates on Sangatsu no Lion season 3. As of now, there has not been any official confirmation or announcements regarding Sangatsu no Lion season 3. This has started to trouble the patient fans. The fans believe that there will be Sangatsu no Lion season 3 soon, because of the availability of the source material and more stories to tell.

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Sangatsu no Lion season 3 is expected to deal with high-level shogi players and the development of Rei Kiriyama. As the show has performed very well among the audience, receiving 8.4 in both IMDb and Myanimelist, the fans are expecting for the upcoming Sangatsu no Lion season 3. It is streaming on Netflix, watch it if you haven’t!

Have I missed any updates on Sangatsu no Lion season 3? Comment below!

What are your expectations of Sangatsu no Lion season 3? Comment below!


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