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Anime like Tokyo Ghoul: TOP 5!!! AMAZING recommendations! SELECTED ONES!!! WATCH NOW!

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Anime like Tokyo Ghoul? If that is your question, do not worry anymore! We are going to provide you with perfect anime like Tokyo Ghoul which will surely satisfy all your expectations from the show.


Anime like Tokyo Ghoul

Before entering into the suggestions of anime like Tokyo Ghoul, it is essential to give a brief understanding of the anime noobs regarding Tokyo Ghoul and its storyline. Tokyo Ghoul is a dark fantasy and a horror thriller anime series. It is based on the manga Tokyo Ghoul written by Sui Ishida. The anime adaptation of the manga premiered in July 2014 and the second season of the series Tokyo Ghoul finished in March 2015. There has also been a sequel series named Tokyo Ghoul: re, which went on till December 2018.

Tokyo Ghoul attracted particularly a set of fans who were regular watchers of Horror thriller content. Ken Kaneki is the protagonist of the show Tokyo Ghoul. Kaneki goes out on a date with Rize Kamishiro and then realizes that she is a Ghoul when she tried to eat him. A ghoul is a human-like creature that can only survive by eating other human flesh.

Kaneki is admitted to a hospital and recovers. He then realizes that he went through surgery which made him into a Half-ghoul. So just like normal ghouls, Kaneki needs to feed on human flesh to survive too. A group of ghouls adopt Kaneki into their group and help him with living like a ghoul. Also, they help Kaneki to hide his identity as half-ghoul from his other human friends.


Anime like Tokyo Ghoul can usually be found in the genres of dark fantasy, horror, thriller, supernatural thriller. These are some of the most popular genres in anime which has their own cult fan following. These types of genres are usually scary, keeps the audience on the edge of their seats, and are always with nail-biting suspense. A lot of jumpscares can also be expected in these series.


Parasyte – The Maxim:

Shinichi Izumi is the protagonist of the anime. He is a high school student. Aliens began invading the Earth as parasites and one such parasite enters into the right arm of Shinichi and begins to coexist with him. So, both Shinichi and the parasite join together to fight against all the other parasites to save the humans.

This is an anime like Tokyo Ghoul. Just like Kaneki of Tokyo Ghoul, Shinichi is also affected by a monstrous body and the inability to face situations beyond their control. They both are forced to take a lot of life-changing decisions too. Similar to Tokyo Ghoul, Parasite also reveals a new completely unknown world.

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Deadman Wonderland:

Ganta Igarashi is the protagonist of the show. A secret assailant killed all the members at the whole classmates of Ganta. Our protagonist is sent to a prison known as Deadman Wonderland for this event. Deadman Wonderland is not like usual prisons. It is more of an amusement theme park, where the visitors get to watch the hazardous performances by the convicts at the jail. The prisoners are forced to perform risky tasks like the animals in a circus and are treated inhumanely. Again, this is also an anime like Tokyo Ghoul.

In this anime, the character Ganta is similar to Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul. Kaneki and Ganta are both young students who had their lives changed completely due to a particular incident in which they had nothing to do. They both are just normal kids who had no other options than to force and learn themselves to compete in their worlds and to stay alive.


Another is an anime set in 1972. A school student’s mysterious death overshadows the entire school and town with terror. Kouichi is a new student at the school and decides to unravel the mystery around it. He approaches Mei Misaki, a girl who was nicknamed “The girl who does not exist”, after all the cautions from his classmates. The reason why we say that this is an anime like Tokyo Ghoul is that the fans of the scare and darkness from Tokyo Ghoul can expect a lot more from Another.

The overall tone and atmosphere of this anime are so dark and gloomy. A lot of scary parts are also present in this anime, which will be a treat to the fans of the horror from Tokyo Ghoul. This is the reason why the fans of Tokyo Ghoul can be excited to watch the anime Another.

Attack on Titan:

This is one of the most popular anime and needs very less introduction. For the ones who have not watched it, Attack on Titans is based on the war between humans and cannibalistic monsters. The Titans, all armored up, are breaking through the town’s walls and are invading the human’s residences. Eren Jaeger is a boy from the same locality. He saw his mother being eaten up by a Titan. He swore to become a soldier and kill all the titans.

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It is almost an anime like Tokyo Ghoul in the sense that, both the main characters are sort of the bond and form a bond between humans and cannibalistic monsters. Both Eren and Kaneki are similar protagonists brought up similarly. They both face similarly difficult situations. But both the anime differ in their approach with Attack on Titans engaging at more of a political perspective and Tokyo Ghoul with sensibility.

Sangatsu no Lion:

Tokyo Ghoul excelled in the way it covered all the fans and made them feel concerned about the physical and mental well-being of the character Kaneki. He appears to be the most cared for a character in the whole series. It paints a perfect image of an innocent and naive Kaneki. If this had attracted the fans of Tokyo Ghoul, then it is an anime like Tokyo Ghoul. Sangatsu’s No Lion deals with a lot of similar themes like depression and social pressures on people. We witness the way how our protagonist comes out of depression and learns to lead a good life.

These are our top 5 recommendations for Anime like Tokyo Ghoul. Check it out if you are a fan of Tokyo Ghoul or similar genres. Kindly comment below if you would want to add any more suggestions for anime like Tokyo Ghoul.

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