May 15, 2021

BrightBurn 2: EXCLUSIVE NEWS!!! Release date CONFIRMED! | Cast | Official Trailer | Storyline | Latest news!!!

Everything you need to know about Brightburn 2! Keep reading to find more! UPDATES! when is the release date?

Brightburn is a horror-thriller and superpower movie starring Jackson A Dunn. The story revolves around a kid, who identifies himself with some superhuman power and soon turns into evil and has a grudge over people. It was directed by David Yarovesky, known for directing Guardians of the galaxy and The Hive. It is a horror-thriller movie. Many fans even suggest this film as Evil superman or an alternative for superman based on its trailer.

Brightburn 2

Today we will be discussing the storyline for the first movie, the cast, the directors, new updates regarding the release of the second movie!

Again, this article contains spoilers for the first movie, so fans are requested to read with caution.

Alright, let's read!

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Brightburn 2: RELEASE DATES! when will it get to release?

Still, there's no clear information regarding the release of Brightburn 2, but fans can expect the release of Brightburn 2 somewhere after 2022 as the director of Brightburn 2 is busy with his other works (Guardians of the galaxy and Suicide squad).

Brightburn sure was a big hit when released so there are expectations from the creators to start the production of Brightburn 2 as soon as they wrap up other works.

Alright then, still haven't watched Brightburn, maybe it's time you catch up with the first movie.

Today we'll be discussing the Brightburn movie, its plot, characters, production, reviews by critiques, and many more! Go read to know more!

Will there be Brightburn 2?

  • Brightburn 2 will soon release after 2022 (Not yet confirmed officially)
  • You can expect Brightburn 2 because it's popular
  • Read reviews from critics before watching the movie
  • Review about the plot, characters, and more

Brightburn 2


Brightburn is a thriller come horror movie that was released on May 24, 2019, in the United States by Sony Pictures. It was directed by David Yarovesky whose known for his works in Suicide Squad and Guardians of the galaxy. Mark Gunn and Brian Gunn wrote the screenplay for the movie.

The film was produced by James Gunn and Kenneth Huang. James Gunn is a popular director, his notable works include, Suicide Squad and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Michael Dallatorre did the cinematography. Brightburn received a worldwide collection of 32.8 million US dollars.

Although some fans didn't give positive feedback as it had not turned out to meet their expectations, the movie managed to satisfy the audience to its extent.  Timothy Williams did the film score for Brightburn. The running time for this film is 90 minutes.

Okay, why's this much hype behind the movie? Let's read the storyline of this movie to find out!


The storyline for Brightburn: what's the storyline is about?

Tori Breyer and Kyle Breyer are desperate for a child. One day in their hometown Brightburn, Kansas a spaceship crashes and The Breyers finds a child inside it. They adopt this baby boy as their son and names him Brandon and covers the truth from him. They also hid the spaceship inside their barn and tries to keep it a secret. As years passed by, Brandon starts to expose superpowers like a super power-infusing alien. Soon, the spaceship starts to emit communication which makes Brandon sleepwalk towards the barn. His mother Tori intervenes and stops Brandon.

Soon after this incident, Brandon was accused of being a pervert by a girl named Caitlyn after she lets him fell during PE period intentionally because of this, Brandon breaks her hand.

One day, Tori finds Brandon going to the Barn and is found levitating near the Space ship chanting, "Take the world". Tori reveals everything about Brandon and now things start to change, he storms up with so much hatred and starts to kill people. Using his heat vision, he kills Caitlyn's mother who works in a diner.brightburn 2

Brandon then kills his uncle by crushing his car. When the Breyers inform him about the death of his uncle to Brandon, he displays zero emotion which leads to suspicion. Kyle finds a blood-stained T-shirt of Brandon and shows it to Tori who refuses to believe it as she trusted Brandon so much. Kyle also directly accuses Brandon, but he strikes back.

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Kyle plans to kill Brandon by shooting him after taking him to a hunting day in the woods. The bullet Kyle passed through Brandon, doesn't even hurt him and bounces off which made Brandon realize that his father is attempting to kill him. Brandon kills Kyle with heat vision.

Back at the home, Kyle finds the truth about Brandon after a police officer brings and gives a notebook of Brandon that was found during the investigation scenes of Erica (Caitlyn's mother) and Uncle Noah.

A frightened Tori calls Kyle to which Brandon picks the phone and tells her that she's his next target. Brandon goes on a rampage attempting to kill Tori. Tori even tries to stab him with the piece of the Space ship but Brandon counterattacks her by throwing her up in the sky.

Later on the next day, the news report says that a flight was mysteriously crashed into the farmhouse and the only survivor was Brandon from the Breyers family. Soon, Conspiracy theories start to brew in the town as Brandon starts to attack humanity following his motto "Take the world". The media starts to address all these incidents as Brightburn and a conspiracy theorist named Big T reports on all these super power-involved incidents.

Is BrightBurn 2 Official Yet?

Brightburn might not have been a roaring success out of the gate, but at least it's still on track to make back its estimated budget. Sony and Screen Gems haven't made any announcements about Brightburst 2 yet, so we'll just have to wait another week or two before knowing for sure whether or not there will be a sequel

The new movie "Brightburn" is getting mixed reactions from critics and general audiences alike as many find themselves wondering if they should see the film because their expectations were set too high by sci-fi superhero movies like Deadpool who are often lighthearted comedies with heavy action scenes while others say that this particular take on Robinhood's story was well worth seeing even though people may feel dismayed when learning more details

Brightburn 2

Characters for Brightburn: The cast

  • Jackson A Dunn as Brandon Breyer aka Brightburn
  • Elizabeth Banks as Tori Breyer, Mother of Brandon
  • David Denman as Kyle Breyer, Father of Brandon
  • Emmie Hunter as Caitlyn
  • Becky Wahlstrom as Erica Connor, Caitlyn's mother
  • Michael Rooker as Big T, the conspiracy theorist
  • Matt Jones as Noah McNichol, Uncle of Brandon


FAQs for Brightburn: Is there a Brightburn 2 coming out?

1. Is there a Brightburn 2 coming out?

We can expect the release of Brightburn 2 probably around 2022. But still, there's no official confirmation from the team's side.

2. Is Brightburn DC  or Marvel?

As Brightburn poster suggests to be like a Superman, it can be confirmed that Brightburn is DC.

3. Is Brightburn an evil superman?

Technically speaking, Brightburn is not associated with Superman in anyways. But fans believed that the poster of Brightburn suggests looking like the dark side of Superman in childhood days

Let's wait for Brightburn 2 updates! Based on the storyline, we personally believe that there will surely be a Brightburn 2. The sequel can be expected to hit the theatres somewhere around 2022.

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