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BLACK FUNGUS & WHITE FUNGUS is Deadly than COVID-19, Killing People in USA?

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The whole world is distressed with the coronavirus pandemic and everyone is hoping for the pandemic to end in any way possible. However, this deadly virus has continued to affect billions of people worldwide with new variants that are more difficult than ever before as well as rare infections caused by it. Multiple countries have suffered a second or third wave from this dangerous coronavirus like the US, UK, India – some experiencing different symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting whereas others had difficulty breathing because their airways were being blocked.

While India struggles to combat the second wave of coronavirus, a rare fungus has surged in their country. The new reports suggest that those who are recovering from this deadly virus have been developing another infection called black fungus or mucormycosis. Mucormycosis is targeting mostly recovered patients whose immune systems were destroyed by the first round of corona-virus infections; it’s taking them out again and destroying what was left behind after they had already fought with one killer disease!

We cannot combat the deadly second wave of coronavirus without also protecting our patients from black fungus. The rare infection called mucormycosis is targeting recovered patients whose immune system was destroyed by the virus, and it seems to be most prevalent in India while we struggle with this new outbreak here at home. In fact, three cases have been reported just since last week—the first on record that were not travel-related or part of a hospital setting but instead acquired through some other means like community exposures or nosocomial transmission within healthcare facilities.”

Black fungus and white fungus are two fungal infections that have been reported in the country. Black funguses, while less dangerous than their counterpart of a more deadly nature, still attack vital organs like lungs through an infected person’s respiratory system. The patient who is diagnosed with black fungi did not test positive for coronavirus infection- but was able to contract it from another source and spread its spores across different regions due to this carrier’s mobility or travel range where they didn’t even know they were carrying such disease until now!

Black Fungus and White Fungus in the USA:BLACK FUNGUS & WHITE FUNGUS is Deadly than COVID-19, Killing People in USA?

The USA is not immune to the black fungus that has been ravaging other parts of the world. The infection causes 50% mortality and more than 7000 people have already contracted it or died from it, according to a new CDC report out today showing an increase in morbidity rates for fungal infections in general with over 200 additional deaths reported by this year’s end if we don’t find a way to control its spread.

The fungus infection is even deadlier than the coronavirus and recent reports show that it’s been ravaging America. A new report says there has also been an increase in black mold cases across America, with a 50% mortality rate. More than 7000 people have contracted this deadly fungal disease which already killed more than 200 Americans! The CDC believes these molds called mucromycetes are what causes the complication.

Mucormycosis is a fungus that can affect the patients nose and brain, but it’s most often seen after exposure to coronavirus. It was originally thought only vulnerable people were at risk for contracting this infection – until the recent surge in cases confirmed otherwise. The symptoms of mucormycosis are subtle: white patches on your skin with no pain or itchiness could be an initial sign you may have contracted something like mucoromyositis!

A COVID-19 infection is typically affecting the sinuses and brain, which can be attributed to why people with this condition are more likely to contract an infection of any kind.

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