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Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper: DATING? SHOCKING! Personal Life | Relationships | Career | Rumors

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Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper! Are both of them dating? Everything you need to know about the “Valentine’s day” co-stars dating rumors!

Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper is a popular American actor and filmmaker, best known for his role as Phil in The Hangover. On the other hand, Jenifer Garner is a very famous American actress and producer. She has worked in several movies including Peppermint, Yes Day, Miracles from Heaven, and so on.

Jennifer Garner and Bradly Cooper: Are they dating? Read to know more! 2021 UPDATES! :

So all these romance rumors of Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper kick-started right after they were spotted together in the Malibu beach where Jennifer Garner builds sandcastle along with Bradley Cooper’s daughter and Bradley Cooper can be seen nearby taking a sunbath. Having known each other for so many years, they still didn’t confirm their relationship publicly.

According to some sources, Jennifer Garner moved in with Bradley Cooper and they are about to get married but some claim that they are just friends and nothing else and share a good bond as they know each other for so many years. Some sources even said that Bradley Cooper was seen leaving Jennifer Garner’s house and the relationship they share is even more intimate than just friends, Both Jennifer and Bradley often hang out together which made them become even more closer.

It is to be noted that all these are rumors and no information was claimed to be true from both sides of the actors.

Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper

So it’s not official yet! and still, there is no reliable source as to Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper dating!

Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper: Alias, 2001 Read below to know more

Both Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper met on the sets of Alias in 2001 and since then they have been sharing a good bond.

Alias is a 2001 action series created by J.J.Abrams starring Jennifer Garner (in the lead role), Bradley Cooper, Ron Rifkin, Michael Vartan, Merrin Dungey, Carl Lumbly, Kevin Weisman, Victor Garber, David Anders, Lena Olin, Greg Grunberg, Melissa George, Rachel Nichols, Balthazar Getty, Elodie Bouchez and Amy Acker

It was produced by Jennifer Garner herself along with Sarah Caplan, Robert M Williams Jr, Monica Breen, Alison Schapker, and Chad Savage.

The story revolves around Sydney Bristow aka Anna Espinosa who works as a double agent for the CIA after finding out her former working organization is a counter government unit.

The series was released on 30 th September 2001 and was completed on 22 May 2006 with a runtime of 45 minutes each and had five seasons.

Who is Bradley Cooper? Read to know more!

Bradley Cooper was born on January 5, 1975, is a famous American Actor. He is also a filmmaker. Cooper attended Prep school and later he received an MFA from the New school. Cooper first made his guest appearance in The sex and the city. He was nominated for three academy awards including Oscar. He even voiced for Rocket Raccoon from the Guardians of the Galaxy.

His major hit in his acting career happened after he played the role of Phil from The Hangover, an American comedy film revolving around a group of four men intending to celebrate Doug’s bachelor’s party, and the next day Doug went missing.


Bradley Cooper Dating history:

The famous Hangover actor is quite known for dating famous personalities.

  • Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk dated each other in the year 2015 and share a daughter who was born in March 2017. The daughter’s name is Lea de Seine Cooper. Even after their breakup in June 2019 they still look after their daughter from their respective roles as father and mother.
  • Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Esposito started dating in the year February 2016. It is also said that both of them got engaged and married by 2006. It was a very short married life after Jennifer Esposito filed a divorce.
  • Zellweger and Cooper started dating in 2009. Sources said by February 2011 they spilled up, it was a two years relationship.
  • Saldana and Bradley Cooper started dating in the year 2011 and they broke up by March 2012.
  • Suki Waterhouse and Cooper started dating in March 2013. Cooper took Suki Waterhouse as his date to the SAG Awards and Cooper went as an escort with Suki Waterhouse for a Whitehouse dinner. They split up in March 2015.

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Who is Jennifer Garner?

Jennifer Garner is an American actress and producer. Garner attended Denison University. She was born on April 17, 1972, in Texas, United States. She acted in several movies including Valentine’s day, Butter, Juno, The Kingdom, Peppermint, Miracles from Heaven, Wakefield, Nine lives, Love Simon, Wonder Park, Yes day, and many more!

Apart from her acting career, Jennifer Garner also has taken part in many social events. She is one of the ambassadors of Save the Children, the USA for early childhood education access. She even took part in Anti Paparazzi Act.

Jennifer Garner started dating Ben Affleck and has three children together. They are:

  • Violet Anne Affleck
  • Seraphina Rose Elizabeth Affleck
  • Samuel Garner Affleck

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck applied for divorce in the year 2015 and got separated in the year October 2018. They both look after their kids and have equal custody.

During the covid pandemic 2019, Garner starred in the Make it works! television show.


Q1. Is Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper dating?

Though there is a rumor about Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper dating, no official confirmation is given from both sides of the actors’

Q2. Did Bradley Cooper’s voice act for Guardians of the Galaxy?

Yes, Bradley Cooper did the voicing of Rocket Raccoon from the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Q3. Do Jennifer Garner and Bradley Cooper have kids?

No, they don’t have kids together, in fact, there are only in a platonic relationship.


That’s it for now readers! Will catch up with another article soon, until then stay tuned!

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