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Marshmello Girlfriend? SHOCKING! Read to find out! Sneak peek Personal Life | Career | Relationships | Dating Life!!!

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Marshmello, the very famous “Happier” American DJ! Who is Marshmello girlfriend?

Marshmello Girlfriend

Read below to know more! You’ll be amused!

Marshmello is a famous American music producer and DJ! Marshmello is this one mysterious artist. He never shows his real face at many public events and concerts. Fans can be seen him wearing a Marshmello cylinder-shaped bucket in his head which he uses to hide his face. And yeah, obviously his real name is not Marshmello.

Today we’ll be discussing who is Marshmello, his music career and who is marshmello girlfriend, and all about her! Go on and read below to find more fresh updates on Marshmello girlfriend.


Marshmello girlfriend: Who is she? All the Dating history! Read to know more!

According to the information available on the internet, Marshmello is currently not dating anyone. Some sources do claim that he has a past relationship, but they kept it super private and very little to no information was revealed. so who is Marshmello girlfriend?

So, in the past Marshmello aka Christopher Comstock was in a relationship with Kelsey Calemine, an Instagram influencer.

Their relationship went viral after Kelsey Calemine posted a picture of her boyfriend (most probably marshmello) during Valentine’s day.

The influencer did not tag Marshmello’s account but she tagged Dotcom (He is also known by DJ Dotcom, an anonymous project of marshmello) which made the fans believe that this is the person behind the marshmello cylinder who produces top hit songs like happier, Alone, Keep it, Mello, Moving on and many more which never fails to hit the Top 100 charts!

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Kelsey Calemine: Read below to find more about Kelsey Calamine! Marshmello girlfriend?

Marshmello Girlfriend

Kelsey Calemine and Marshmello relationship never really came into the limelight before her Valentine’s day Instagram post.

Kelsey Calemine is said to be associated romantically with marshmello, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that both of them are in a relationship. Marshmello is always known to be private about his life, face and its no doubt that he’ll keep his relationship private. The DJ’s Instagram handle is filled with only about his work-related stuff.

At first, there were talks about Marshmello and Kelsey popularly known by her Instagram account name “Fatherkels” to be dating or having some sought of private affair, and fans really got excited after she posted a picture of her and her boyfriend during valentines day with the caption ” lucky. happy day” and tagged dotcom, so this made the fans go crazy as they truly believed it is who they think it is.

But still, it’s not officially confirmed yet, because to date Marshmello didn’t come out to reveal his face to this world.

Kelsey calamine is an Instagram influencer with about 2.8 million followers. Kelsey has previously been in a relationship with Asher Brown. She also has over 10,000 followers on Vine.

Kelsey Calemine was born on January 14, 1999, and she is currently 22 years old. Her zodiac sign is Capricorn. According to the sources based on the internet, Kelsey Calemine’s net worth is estimated somewhere around three hundred thousand dollars. Again it is to be noted that this is not official.

Now that we’ve known who his marshmello girlfriend, let’s dive into finding Marshmello, go on and read to know more!

Who is Marshmello? The information, the world has known so far! READ below to find out!

According to the sources provided on the internet:

Marshmello’s actual name is Christopher Comstock. Marshmello was born on May 19, 1992, and the American music producer is currently twenty-nine years old.

Marshmello Girlfriend

Marshmello music career: Read to know more!

As per sources on the internet, Marshmello‘s career kick-started in the year 2015 when he first posted a song called Wavez on his Soundcloud page.

Later, he started releasing remix tapes, soon he gained support from musicians like Skrillex.

In 2016, he released his first album songs “Joytime”. His next big hit was “Keep it Mello’, he even released a single in the album “Keep it, Mello”. It bagged the fifth position on the Billboard Electronic song chart and stood at the forty-first position on the Independent Album chart.

Marshmello released Alone through Monstercat, a music label under the album named “Monstercat 027 – cataclysm. This song ranked in the Billboard hot 100  and also in the Canadian Hot 100.

Marshmello ft. Bastille A song that made fans go emotional!

I don’t feel that this song is not new to my readers! When Happier was released, what more Marshmello’s fans could ask for? The way the music video was portrayed and the lyrics went hand in hand and left the fans very emotional, this song was another milestone for Marshmello.

In 2018 August, Marshmello and Bastille, an English pop rock brand collaborated to release “Happier”.

This song becomes a huge hit upon its release. It ranked at the third position on the Electronic songs chart and remained in that position for a very long time. The song was also given gold certification from many countries.

The song “Happier” not only acquired fame for its lyrics or the singer but it becomes very successful also for its story. The music video portrayed the story of a girl who receives a puppy as a present for her birthday.

At school, she joins the soccer team and is often picked on by others for her braces. She quits the team. Her dog always gives her the comfort she needs during her hard times until one day she finds her dog is ill. The vet asks the girl’s father to put down the dog as it cannot be recovered. Later after several years, the girl becomes a mother and she has a daughter now.

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The daughter is very pleased on her birthday after her grandfather gifts her a dog the same as he did with his own daughter.

This song received huge appreciation around the globe and has over 11 million likes and has 812 million views on youtube.

Why Marshmello hides his face?

So the answer to the above question can be confirmed with the below tweet from Marshmello’s official Twitter handle.


Q1. Who is Marshmello?

Marshmello’s actual name is Christopher Comstock, Forbes officially confirmed it. He is an American electronic music producer and DJ.

Q2. Why Marshmello hides his face?

“I don’t take my helmet off because I don’t want or need fame,” wrote Marshemello on Twitter.

That’s it for now readers. Stay connected to know more!

Did you like Marshmello girlfriend? Do you want more about Marshmello girlfriend? Have I missed anything out on Marshmello girlfriend? Do you have any speculation on Marshmello girlfriend? Do comment down if you want more like Marshmello girlfriend!

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