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Uncharted: Tom Holland & Mark Wahlberg Coming Release date revealed!! Watch it here.

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The second Uncharted teaser image shows Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) meeting his friend and mentor, Victor “Sully” Sullivan played by Mark Wahlberg. The first trailer revealed that the game will be set in a post-Indiana Jones world with more of an espionage flavor; it’s also been confirmed to feature cameos from characters such as Elena Fisher and Chloe Frazer.

The new story about Spider-Man: No Way Home actor Tom Holland being cast for Sony’s upcoming video game adaptation is finally out! He was introduced in an earlier picture alongside his friend/mentor “Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan” who was portrayed by actor Mark Walhberg in January before he has finished filming on Avengers 4.Uncharted: Tom Holland & Mark Wahlberg Coming Release date revealed!! Watch it here.

A new still from Sony’s Uncharted movie shows off Mark Wahlberg and Tom Holland hunting for something in the video game adaptation. Although production wrapped back in October, there hasn’t been much promotional material of late to show what we can expect when it hits theaters next summer. We previously saw behind-the-scenes photos on set but many fans are nervously awaiting footage of this film starring Tom Holland as Nathan Drake and Mark Walhberger as Sully teaming up together with Elena Fisher (played by Emily Rose) during their treasure hunt across exotic locations around the world searching for clues about The Lost Treasure Of El Dorado – rumored to be one […]

Uncharted release date:

The new Uncharted image comes from The New York Times, which recently published an article about Hollywood adapting video games. It shows Mark Wahlberg and Tom Holland investigating what looks like some kind of church – although it’s not exactly clear where they are.

The first trailer will probably arrive in the next couple of months since Unchained is set to hit theaters on February 27th, 2022; take a look at the new still below!

This film is based on the PlayStation video game series of the same name. The story will take place during an important moment in Nathan Drake’s life and when he encounters his longtime friend, Victor Sullivan for the first time as well as a new female character played by Nina Dobrev.

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