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JULIANNE HOUGH SLEEP WITH LEONARDO DICAPRIO ON BED! SAID ‘He is not good in bed’! Sexual Relationship with her niece!!

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Star, Julianne’s niece and a teenaged social media influencer has recently announced that she once saw her aunt doing the horizontal mambo with Leonardo DiCaprio. From what we can tell from Star’s post, it seems as if this encounter took place in 2013 at some music festival.

This is quite surprising news considering how many women have been linked romantically to Leo over time; he must be pretty good!

“My aunt has slept with Leonardo DiCaprio,” Star claimed on TikTok earlier this month. “Apparently, he’s not good in bed, though.JULIANNE HOUGH SLEEP WITH LEONARDO DICAPRIO ON BED! SAID 'He is not good in bed'! Sexual Relationship with her niece!!

Tired of hearing the same old rumors about what celebrities are related to each other, we decided to do some sleuthing and confirm our suspicions. After following a blind trail through TikTok videos from “celebrities” with monikers like ‘star’ and ‘niece,’ it was confirmed that Star is indeed Julianne Hough’s niece. This little sister-wannabe has been in her shoes before, as she claimed on one social media post that she got into dancing because “I wanted my mom/sister back.” A quick search revealed this not so little lass is Sharee Selman–a cousin of Derek Hough who he had congratulated for making it onto Dancing With The Stars Season 19!

After a three-year relationship, Dancing With the Stars judge Julianne Hough and Ryan Seacrest called it quits in March 2013. Unsurprisingly, this was not her first break up given that she also dated Duff director Ari Sandel for a brief period of time after their high-profile breakup.

The former “Dancing With the Stars” judge was seen on a date with actor, Matthew McConaughey. While it is not clear where they went for dinner or how long their relationship will last, there is no denying that these two have chemistry and we can’t wait to see what may happen next!JULIANNE HOUGH SLEEP WITH LEONARDO DICAPRIO ON BED! SAID 'He is not good in bed'! Sexual Relationship with her niece!!

“They were putting their hands all over each other. At one point he whispered something in her ear and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek,” the onlooker said at the time. “They were so into each other, they ignored everyone else around them.”

It’s no secret that Julianne and Leo have had some run-ins, but apparently, they really got to know each other in 2013 when the two were spotted flirting up a storm at Coachella.

We all knew it was only a matter of time before these stars hooked up–they’ve been seen on several occasions ever since their first meeting back in 2009!

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