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[SHOCKING] Jail? Amber Heard Will Not Be Investigated By LAPD For Perjury In Johnny Depp Case, Attorney Claimed

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Amber Heard, the wife of Johnny Depp who was accused in 2016 by Amber herself of domestic violence and physical abuse during their marriage without naming him back then. This year she alleged to have written an article about her experience with a nonprofit organization called ACLU but recently leaked emails showed that wasn’t really true according to some insiders.

The ACLU staffer, identified as Robin Schulman in emails exclusively obtained by Daily Mail‘s sources, can be seen contacting Heard and saying “we hope it sounds true to you” about a possible op-ed.

Depp filed a defamation lawsuit against Heard, claiming that she fabricated the abuse allegations.[SHOCKING] Amber Heard Will Not Be Investigated By LAPD For Perjury In Johnny Depp Case, Claims Her Attorney

The essay on Depp’s personal encounter with abusive relationships went on to become the focal point of his lost libel battle against The Sun in which they called him a “wife-beater.” Now he is endeavoring to prove her entire claim was fabricated and filing denies all accusations of abusing her.

The essay on Heard’s personal encounter with abusive relationships went on to become the focal point of Depp’s lost libel battle against The Sun, which called him a “wife-beater.” He filed subsequent defamation cases for her allegations and is now endeavoring to prove that her entire claim was fabricated.

After audio of Heard admitting to abusing Depp surfaced, several women have also come forward claiming that Heard’s personal essay detailing her abuse is a tad bit similar to their own stories of assault.

According to Perez Hilton.com, the resurfacing of audio recording in which Johnny Heard taunts actor Johnny Depp and accuses him of abusing her have led several women coming forward claiming their personal essays detailing abuse were similar stories as well with some believing these allegations more than others because they claim it might not be a coincidence that so many people are being targeted by abusers at one time while also remembering when he was charged for hitting his ex-wife Amber’s face on May 21st.

But they are now claiming Heard’s self-proclaimed $7 million donations to Children’s Hospital LA and the ACLU, which she was supposed to make with her divorce settlement never happened.[SHOCKING] Amber Heard Will Not Be Investigated By LAPD For Perjury In Johnny Depp Case, Claims Her Attorney

Depp is currently suing the ACLU to show records of Heard’s donations to find out whether she actually gave the money or her billionaire ex Elon Musk did. This comes after Children’s Hospital claimed they never got their promised funds from Heard, and that it was unclear if any such donation had been made at all by her side. The sleuthing continues when Depp subpoenaed documents so he can see what happened with those supposed $3 million donated by his estranged wife. And shockingly enough, each time an FOIA request for these papers was filed there are a series of delays on behalf of both organizations until finally being denied altogether last week- leaving many people wondering who exactly helped contribute towards this cause and why?

The ACLU appointed the actress as an ambassador on women’s rights in 2018, so they are interested to strike back at new laws working against the protection of victims. One staffer had a genius idea and contacted Heard for her essay from the perspective of a “gender-based violence victim.”

“If she feels comfortable, she can interweave her personal story, saying how painful it is as a GBV survivor to witness these setbacks,” ACLU can be seen mailing Heard’s team, following it up with “Would this be of interest? And if so, would you like for us to do the first draft (might: include a quick phone interview to get her thoughts) or would Amber prefer to start it off?”

The final output went on to be entitled ‘I spoke up against sexual violence — and faced our culture’s wrath. But if emails obtained by Daily Mail are legitimate, it was ACLU staffer Robin Shulman who penned the thing which he hoped “sounds true to you,” as written in an email to actress Amber Heard from before she defended herself in a fierce essay published last week.

Heard’s attorney, Adam Waldman has accused the ACLU of being co-conspirators with Heard in her false op-ed. “This new trove of emails finally proves one of the things we’ve been fighting for years to hide: they wrote Amber Heard’s false op-ed,” he says adding that there will be continued legal action against them.”

“Those who scheme, write, and publish defamation, even purported free speech advocates, are not immune from the consequences,” he shared.

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