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7 Killed Along with Actor Joe Lara, Star of ‘Tarzan: The Epic Adventures, Dies in Plane Crash at 58, Know All the details About Crash

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Joe Lara, the star of TV’s Tarzan: The Epic Adventures died Saturday when his plane crashed in Tennessee. He was 58 years old and he leaves behind 5 others who also perished with him including his wife.

Joe had just taken off from Smyrna Airport to head for Palm Beach International airport when a small jet plunged into Percy Priest Lake near Nashville after taking only a one-mile-long flight at 11 am on Saturday. Authorities did not release registration information or details about how many passengers were on board but that there are six confirmed casualties altogether – Joe’s being among them which makes it 7 total deaths so far as this horrific tragedy unfolds.

When the crash occurred late Saturday night, Rutherford County rescue crews arrived on the scene and planned to work through the night. There are no survivors expected in this car accident according to Capt. Joshua Sanders at a news conference following the incident.”

With one of the first major storms this year sweeping through, Ruther County rescue crews were on the scene late Saturday night. Though it doesn’t look great for any survivors to come out alive and with all-night work ahead of them, these rescuers are determined as they’ve ever been before.

“Our efforts have transitioned from a rescue effort to that of a recovery effort. … We are no longer … looking for live victims at this point,” he said.

Depressing! 7 Killed Along with Actor Joe Lara, Star of ‘Tarzan: The Epic Adventures, Dies in Plane Crash at 58, Know All the details About Crash

Lara, the King of the Jungle in New York

All aboard with Lara was his wife Gwen, a model and author. The two met while filming Tarzan in Manhattan – but their relationship became more serious when she founded Remnant Fellowship Church. They were married on June 8th last year as an ordained minister by her husband’s side at one of America’s most iconic religious landmarks- Stonehenge!

To many people, the name Lara Croft means a video game heroine and to others, it reminds them of an action film star.

As one can imagine from her last name, she is British but has been acting in Hollywood for years now with roles including Tarzan: The Epic Adventures (1996-1997) as well as Final Equinox.

He played guitar and released an album, Joe Lara: The Cry of Freedom, in 2009.

Lara and his wife lived in Brentwood, Tennessee. Survivors also include his daughter

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