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Apple is making New AirPods easier to hear, smoothly and also to find if you lost it, FIND IT VERY EASILY

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Apple’s AirPods will soon get some quality-of-life improvements with iOS 15. The new features include the ability to boost the sound of people talking, better Find My support, and more notification options!

Apple’s latest update will help people with hearing difficulties, by isolating the voice of whoever is speaking. The new “Conversation Boost” feature has sliders that allow users to control how much ambient noise they want in their conversations.

“Apple says “Conversation Boost” will help people who have difficulties hearing other people’s voices when they’re talking.”
The Apple team has created a new feature that is supposed to aid those with the difficulty of understanding what others are saying. The Conversation Boost would work by isolating sound from a voice so there can be more control over how much background noise one hears, and how loud it is.

AirPods have always been the most fashionable way to listen in on messages and texts. Now, they’ll be able to read out other important notifications too – like when food delivery is made.Apple is making New AirPods easier to hear, smoothly and also to find

The new version of Apple AirPods has a Find My function, which will show you where your earbuds are on the map when they go missing. In addition to this feature for locating lost headphones quickly and easily, there is also an alert that notifies us if we’re about to leave our precious buds behind!

In addition to the already announced FaceTime spatial audio, AirPods will soon support a range of immersive sound features on Apple devices.

The latest announcement from the show was that you’ll be able to use your new wireless earbuds with any device (not just an iPhone) and take advantage of its higher-quality speakers for more robust listening experiences.

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