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The Boys Reveals the First Look at Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy

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The Boys on Amazon has a new cast member. Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles is joining the show in season three as Soldier Boy, and it looks like he will be wearing an outfit straight out of your favorite superhero comic books!

The first look at his costume was revealed today when writer Eric Kripke tweeted photos of himself with actor Jenson Ackles who stars on The CW’s “Supernatural.”

The new suit for the Supernatural character, Soldier Boy was designed by LJ Shannon and took six months of hard work. The release says that Jensen is excited to wear it because in his own words: “It’s one of my very favorite suits.” If you want an idea what this awesome costume looks like just wait until he sees him on set as no pictures can compare with seeing him in action.The Boys Reveals the First Look at Supernatural's Jensen Ackles as Soldier Boy

The design of the suit was inspired by a soldier’s practicality in combat and an old-school cowboy swagger. A modern take on masculinity, Soldier Boy is confident with his identity as he steps up to fight for what matters most–just like any good American should be!

The show will explore what the world was like before all these villains and heroes existed. It is unclear if timelines from both worlds will cross over, or where Jared Padalecki’s Soldier Boy in relation to Ackles as Payback on the present timeline.

The wait for season three of The Boys is proving to be a long one, but when it does finally debut on Amazon next year we’ll get the chance to see Ackles kick some Nazi butt.

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