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Philly Naked Bike Ride Must wear only one face mask Nothing else.

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Naked bikers will host the streets of Philadelphia in the coming months. This event is a clothing-free ride, with one exception: every rider must wear a mask! The annual Philly Naked Bike Ride takes place on August 28th and is sponsored by Bohemian bikes that encourage nudity (with an exception for those who want to participate but are concerned about their health).

This year’s event is called “The Mask Edition.” Hawaii will be lifting their Intercounty travel restrictions on June 15th and Philadelphia has recently lifted most COVID-19 rules, including capacity limits for businesses and events; social distance requirements are still in place. Ride organizers should stick to the first mask guidance because they haven’t discussed recent changes regarding coronavirus guidelines yet with city officials.

What does it mean to be masked?Philly Naked Bike Ride Must wear only one face mask Nothing else.

This year’s event is called “The Mask Edition,” which should make for an interesting night in the streets of Honolulu. According to promotions posted on social media and announcements made by the City Council President last week, Hawaii has lifted most restrictions that were implemented with COVID-19. This means businesses will now have capacity limits lifted as well as a lifting of rules about what people can do when confronted with someone who might have contracted coronavirus (COVID). Despite these changes coming into effect this past week, no official reports are detailing any specific guidelines or recommendations regarding wearing masks among those at risk for contracting coronavirus from close contact such as family members.


Philadelphia’s Naked Bike Ride is back and better than before. Last year the annual ride was canceled due to a pandemic that killed millions of people worldwide, but with more precautions in place for this year’s event, it’ll be safer than ever!
One of the best aspects about Philly’s naked bike rides is how creative you can get because you’re not wearing any clothing whatsoever – paint, hats, costumes glasses, or whatever else comes to mind! You should also know there will be plenty of “nudity” so if nudity isn’t your thing then I suggest staying home on September 7th.

for more details and updates visit The Market Activity.

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