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Jana Kramer Divorcing Mike Caussin: Amid Affair? All the truth revealed

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Jana Kramer Files for Divorce from Mike Caussin, ‘He Cheated and Broke Her Trust’ Says Source
The singer-songwriter has filed to divorce her husband of two years. A source close to Jana told HollywoodLife that “he cheated on her with a girl he met in Florida when they were there as guests at Tampa Bay Lightning’s game.” The insider said she was heartbroken because it happened during their anniversary trip together and added: “She feels like he broke all the trust she had built up within herself over time”

The truth about Jana Kramer Divorcing Mike Caussin:Jana Kramer Divorcing Mike Caussin: Amid Affair? All the truth revealed

37 is not only a renowned musician but also an actress. Recently she announced that after six years of marriage to Caussin, the two are divorcing. In her personal Instagram post about this difficult decision, 37 wrote: “It’s a moment as I attempt to give rise to an understanding of truth I never thought needed speculate could be feasible then-that news has now become reality.”

37 continued in another social media update regarding their divorce by saying “I’ve combated and have loved hard,” before continuing on with words like “excused”, “resolved business” and more ending it off by writing “…now I have nobody else left to provide for”.

“Please remember that I still understand wholeheartedly in relationship, affection, and rebuilding. That said it is time to rebuild because we can’t battle any longer than the last few years have been!” The woman began again with a sorrowful tone of voice which was quite understandable considering her condition. “Thank you for all the love, courage, and assistance on this voyage alongside me.” She paused as if she could feel my support from across town without coming out of bed or lifting an arm before resuming once more: “I’ll always be by your side encouraging you but please don’t fight alone”


The separation of the famous couple is causing a lot of people to speculate as they had just separated in 2016.

“He deceived and smashed her confidence again,” the authority announces. “After battling for the wedding for so extended, she appears to words with the culmination that his diagrams were never getting on to alter.

The former football player and his wife have a strong relationship. They’ve just published The Good Fight: Wanting to Leave, Choosing to Stay, and the Powerful Practice for Loving Faithfully about consolidating their marriage after he pursued treatment for sex addiction two years ago on April 2nd.

After retiring from his NFL career as a performer, he noted that the only woman in his life was “incredible.” He mentioned how much of their relationship consisted of just talking and sleeping together. They never committed to getting married or had children but when they did commit they cheated on each other because it felt like one couldn’t be alone any longer.

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