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Treasury Department sends Out another 2.3 million $3,600 stimulus checks or $1,400 Biden Confirmed

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The government is picking up the pace when it comes to mailing out overdue $1,400 stimulus checks.

2 million more Americans are getting their much-awaited bonus today—a sign that Uncle Sam has not forgotten about its citizens in these hard times. The Treasury Department, IRS, and Bureau of the Fiscal Service sent 2.3 million payments over the past two weeks which tops 1 billion dollars spent on bonuses this year alone!

The government has sent out 169 million stimulus payments so far. The first batch of checks was mailed on March 12th and the total amount given is $395 billion!Treasury Department sends Out another 2.3 million $3,600 stimulus checks or $1,400 Biden Confirmed

This round of payments will include supplemental checks for people who recently filed their 2020 taxes and reported a change in income level, earning them a bigger stimulus check. Approximately 1.1 million people can expect these so-called plus-up payments this time around; year to date the IRS has made over 8 million of those plus-up paychecks!

Half of the checks sent were deposited electronically. The remainder is being sent as paper checks.

Still, waiting on a check? Unfortunately, calling the IRS won’t do any good. The best way to track this third stimulus payment remains via the “Get My Payment” portal on the IRS.gov website.

The stimulus payments are a part of the $1.9 trillion packages signed into law by President Joe Biden in March, which has helped many Americans whether through this difficult time during these economic times that have caused much uncertainty and hardship for so many families across America with incomes up to $75k eligible for 1,400 dollars while couples filing jointly earning up to 150k can get $3,500!

The IRS will continue to make “economic impact payments” every week, they say. This seems likely to be the last round of stimulus checks after talk of a fourth-round was downplayed by White House officials recently.

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