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Harry Hamlin Finally Told nd Reveals how his romance with Ursula Andress began. “She got pregnant that night.”

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Harry Hamlin is open about past romance.
The 69-year-old actor looks back on his time working with actress Ursula Andress, who he met while filming Clash of the Titans in 1981. He said that when he saw James Bond’s first flick “Julius No” and realized she was 16 years older than him at the time (she played Dr. No) it all clicked together for him as a child because her character had made such an impression on him!

“Not only did I see’Dr. No’, but for some reason my parents gave me a Playboy five-year subscription for Christmas at the age of 12,” he told Yahoo Entertainment. “I didn’t know why they did. I have a child, so I think,’That’s strange!’”

The actor, 69, reflected on his time working on 1981’s “Clash of the Titans,” which is where he met former longtime partner Ursula Andress.

The star remembered becoming familiar with Andress when he was just a child – she is 16 years older than him – when he saw the first James Bond flick “Dr. No.”

“The star continued: ‘But Ursula appeared in one of those playboys, and I remember it very well. I don’t think I told her when we first met.’ He said with a cheeky smirk before adding to himself aloud, “Ursula-I loved your layout on Playboy when I was 13!”

Harry Hamlin Finally Told nd Reveals how his romance with Ursula Andress began. “She got pregnant that night.”

Harry Hamlin says he had to make a cake for his “Indiana Jones” audition

“Everyone came and they sat me next to Ursula,” Hamlin recalled. “I didn’t know exactly what to say to her, but somehow the flea market buzz came up and she said she went to the flea market the week before she flew to London. When she arrived in Rome, she shot there. When I started, one day I called the hotel and said, “It’s only 5 hotels away and there’s a flea market in Portaportese tomorrow. Would you like to go?”

It was a crash course in romance for the two actors. Spending time together at cast dinners and rehearsals, they learned to become comfortable with each other quickly – which led them to begin their relationship post-production of the show’s filming.

The story has been told before about Hollywood romances that blossom on set but this one is different because it happened after production wrapped up!

“He thought I was quitting it with someone in the makeup department, and he was also crazy about that person,” recalled the Emmy nominee. “He would constantly watch me to see if I ran into her room or not.”

“Desmond, I don’t know her! She just puts on my make-up!” He says but Desmond wouldn’t believe him so he kept posting up at his door. It got really strange after a while – like three months of this behavior until she finally left us both alone as soon as we started filming for season two.

Think of it like this: How many relationships have you had in your lifetime? I haven’t even reached my teens yet and already, there have been a few. And what about the people that completely give up on love after they’ve failed once or twice? It happens to everyone at some point but for those who are lucky enough to find true success with their significant other(s), good luck is all we can really ask from them- especially when they’re still out here going strong!

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